Toyota Camry Avalon Gets TRD Upgrades And Massive Grill

Toyota are sprinkling bits of their Toyota Racing Development (TRD) dust every which way these days, but the latest car to gain the TRD badge is not what we expected. The Camry (or Avalon depending where you are) is what your grandfather uses to drive to the local supermarket. The wheels would be kerbed and the carpets dirty.


Your grandfather isn’t going to be buying this though, with its aggressive bodykit and sporty 19-inch wheels. Of course, the most striking part of the design is the front bumper. Or really, the lack of front bumper, lost to a dominating grill. One that almost spans the complete width of the car.

The car sits 15mm lower on firmer springs and upgraded dampers, and thanks to extra chassis bracing, it can corner with more intent and confidence with greater control. Sway bars have also been fitted to increase roll stiffness by 44 percent in the front and 67 percent in the back. And TRD have made sure it can stop as well, with 12.9-inches of front brake rotor and dual piston callipers.


Unfortunately there isn’t any more extra go power than standard, with the 301hp of the 3.5-litre V6 being untouched. A new cat-back exhaust system has been fitted to give it a bit of growl, but no extra power has been squeezed out. Think about it though, and you’ll realise 301hp isn’t at all bad. Especially when it looks like that. Just don’t let your grandfather drive it if you like your wheels un-kerbed.


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