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Austin GP Revives Kiss-Activated Trophies: Max Verstappen Poised for Another Unique Victory Celebration

In a surprising turn of events, the kiss-activated trophy, first seen in Japan, is set to return at the Austin Grand Prix. Max Verstappen, the last recipient, may have another chance to trigger the flag-display feature with a celebratory kiss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Trophy Design: The kiss-activated trophy, a joint creation by Lenovo and Pininfarina, will be featured again at the United States Grand Prix in Austin. It’s designed to display the winner’s national flag in LED lights upon being kissed.
  • Technical Brilliance and Sustainability: The trophy is adorned with LED lights and made from recycled aluminum, symbolizing a blend of high-tech innovation and sustainability. Pininfarina’s design approach was to respect Formula 1’s heritage while using materials reflective of the sport’s values.
  • Exclusive Feature for the Winner: Only the first-place trophy possesses the kiss-activated feature, with the runner-up trophy lighting up in the host country’s colors. The design reflects a balance between honoring Formula 1’s tradition and incorporating modern technology.

The upcoming United States Grand Prix in Austin is not just about high-speed races and intense competition; it’s also bringing back a unique element of victory celebration – the kiss-activated trophy. Introduced during the Japanese Grand Prix and captured by race winner Max Verstappen, this innovative trophy is poised to make another appearance, sparking excitement and curiosity among fans and participants alike.

The trophy’s unique feature is its ability to display the winner’s national flag in a dazzling array of LED lights when kissed on a designated spot. This technological marvel is the result of a collaboration between Lenovo and Pininfarina. Pininfarina is not just any design firm; they are trailblazers in the automotive world, currently working on the first pure-electric hyper GT car.

What makes this trophy even more special is its commitment to sustainability. As IDX Francisco Barboza Grasa from Pininfarina of America explained, “The main shell is built with aluminum which is fully recycled.” This choice of material not only reflects the eco-friendly ethos increasingly embraced in the world of Formula 1 but also aligns with the sport’s high-performance standards.

While the anticipation builds around who will claim the top spot at the Austin Grand Prix, all eyes are on Max Verstappen. Having already experienced the thrill of activating the trophy’s unique feature in Japan, will he repeat this unique victory celebration in Austin? Or will we see a new champion kissing their way to a colorful victory? The excitement is palpable as the Austin GP approaches, promising not just a race for supremacy but also a moment of technological and artistic marvel.

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