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F1 News: Ferrari’s John Elkann Anticipates Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 Shift to Achieve “Great Things”

In a recent interview, Ferrari president John Elkann expressed his excitement about Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming move to Ferrari in 2025, highlighting his potential to achieve “great things.” Elkann praised Hamilton for his significant contributions to Formula 1 and his status as a phenomenal driver.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anticipating Greatness: Ferrari president John Elkann eagerly awaits Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 move to Ferrari, lauding his talent and contributions to the sport.
  • A Major Transition: Hamilton’s unexpected switch from Mercedes to Ferrari in the next year suggests Elkann’s influential role in sealing the deal.
  • Ferrari’s Recent Triumphs: Elkann celebrates Ferrari’s performance at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and stresses the importance of staying competitive with upcoming 2026 Formula 1 regulations.

The world of Formula 1 was taken by surprise last month when Lewis Hamilton announced his departure from Mercedes to join Ferrari in the following year. This major transition, speculated to have been significantly influenced by John Elkann, marks a new chapter for the seven-time world champion. Elkann’s personal involvement in this shift underscores the high expectations and confidence he places in Hamilton’s abilities.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Elkann expressed his long-standing admiration for Hamilton, saying, “I have always said over the years how much Lewis is a great driver, how much he has done for F1.” Elkann’s statement not only reflects Hamilton’s esteemed reputation in the sport but also signals the potential for exceptional achievements at Ferrari. He added, “He will join Ferrari and this is a sign of how much he believes he can do great things with us.”

Elkann also reflected on Ferrari’s recent success at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, where Charles Leclerc secured a podium finish. He proudly mentioned, “It was a great race. We finished on the podium, Leclerc did the fastest lap and Bearman, the youngest Ferrari driver in F1 in our history who immediately scored points.” His comments highlight the team’s resilience and spirit, especially noting Carlos Sainz’s participation post-operation and the impressive debut of Oliver Bearman.

On Bearman’s performance, Elkann noted the encouraging response from Hamilton, stating, “The hug that Lewis wanted to give him shows what a great champion he is on and off the track.” This gesture signifies Hamilton’s support for young talents and his commendable sportsmanship.

Looking ahead, Elkann discussed the upcoming 2026 Formula 1 regulations, viewing them as the start of a new era. He emphasized the necessity for Ferrari to remain competitive, underlining his vision for the team’s continuous success and evolution. His statement, “2026 will be a cycle that closes, then another will open. The important thing will be to always be competitive and continue to fuel this spirit,” encapsulates his forward-thinking approach and the high aspirations he holds for the team’s future, especially with Hamilton on board.

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