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F1 News: Helmut Marko Sends Sly Dig To Red Bull Rivals – “Cars All Look Like The RB19”

Red Bull’s pre-season testing kicked off with a bang as Max Verstappen led the charge in the RB20, signaling a promising start for the team. Helmut Marko, the team’s motorsport advisor, took a jab at rivals, suggesting that their new models closely resemble Red Bull’s previous year’s car, the RB19.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull’s pre-season testing began on a high note, with Verstappen showcasing top speed and comfort in the RB20.
  • Marko subtly criticised rivals, suggesting their new models closely resemble Red Bull’s previous year’s car, the RB19.
  • Despite the early success, both Marko and Verstappen caution that pre-season timings are not entirely indicative of true competitive performance.

Marko’s remarks came as no surprise to those familiar with his straightforward approach. Speaking to Autosport, Marko stated, “I think they didn’t expect what we would do. How should I say? The cars all look like [ours from] last year.” He continued, emphasizing the intricacies involved in developing a new concept, hinting at the meticulous work put into Red Bull’s designs.

Verstappen, echoing the team’s optimism, expressed contentment with the RB20’s performance during testing. He noted the importance of covering a significant number of laps and experimenting with adjustments, indicating a proactive approach to fine-tuning the car for the upcoming season. Verstappen remarked, “We covered a lot of laps and tried quite a few things with the car, which was important.”

As the pre-season progresses, Red Bull appears poised for another competitive season in Formula 1. With Verstappen leading the charge and Marko’s astute observations keeping rivals on their toes, the stage is set for an exciting battle on the track. As Verstappen aptly put it, “Overall, the car was responding well, and considering this was only testing, we had a nice day.”

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