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F1 News: Helmut Marko Beams After RB20 Testing – “We All Were Smiling A Lot”

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko couldn’t hide his delight after the RB20 showcased its prowess during pre-season testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen led the test day in the RB20, setting a pace 1.1 seconds faster than McLaren’s Lando Norris.
  • The RB20’s new design concept proves effective, with the car showing excellent responsiveness to adjustments.
  • Helmut Marko highlighted the car’s reliability and superior performance compared to competitors, particularly Ferrari and McLaren.

The Red Bull Racing team kicked off the pre-season testing with a bang as the RB20 delivered an impressive performance at the track. Helmut Marko, the team’s advisor, expressed his satisfaction with the car’s performance, highlighting the positive response from the team to its new design.

Marko’s excitement was palpable as he spoke to Autosport, praising the RB20’s reliability and responsiveness during testing:

“Very, very, very impressive. We ran 142 laps, without any problems, more or less. And the concept is working. So that was the first main thing. The car is reacting, and we are developing. Yeah, it looks good.”

The feedback from Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s star driver, further solidified the team’s confidence in the RB20. Verstappen’s ability to fine-tune the car’s performance through various changes left the team beaming with pride. Marko elaborated:

“Positive. Whatever changes we did and whatever we tried, the car was reacting, and more or less it was fine-tuning, what happened now. We all were smiling a lot.”

Despite the risks involved in overhauling the car’s design, Red Bull’s gamble appears to have paid off handsomely. While rivals such as Mercedes and Ferrari encountered their fair share of issues during testing, the RB20 glided seamlessly around the circuit, showcasing its potential early in the season.

“I mean, it’s always a risk. And if you look at Mercedes, they had some problems, and our car was working from the very first lap. So we are very proud and glad. Also, the reliability is unbelievable. And [from] what I saw tyre-performance-wise, again, Ferrari has more problems than us. Also, the McLaren seems to be a little bit more nervous. Mercedes, I don’t know what they did. For sure they are faster than what they have shown. But we can be confident.”

As the season draws closer, Red Bull Racing finds itself in a promising position, buoyed by the impressive performance of the RB20 during testing. With Verstappen leading the charge, the team is poised to challenge for top honors on the grid.

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