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F1 News: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Raises Concerns Over Formula 1 Trademark Infringement

Formula 1 finds itself in hot water as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) calls out the unauthorized use of its trademark, ‘The Greatest Spectacle In Racing.’ Despite discussions between IMS and Liberty Media officials last year, no resolution seems to have been reached, leaving IMS committed to protecting its intellectual property rights.

Key Takeaways:

  • IMS has raised concerns over Formula 1’s unauthorized use of its trademark, ‘The Greatest Spectacle In Racing,’ during the 2023 season.
  • Discussions between IMS and Liberty Media officials regarding the issue took place last year, but no agreement has been reached.
  • IMS is disappointed by repeated infringements and plans to address the matter with the involved parties to protect its brand’s intellectual property rights.

The phrase ‘The Greatest Spectacle In Racing’ has been a trademark of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1986 when it was owned by Hulman and Company. Despite the change in ownership to Roger Penske five years ago, the trademark remains protected.

Last year’s discussions between IMS president Doug Boles and Liberty Media officials aimed to address the alleged infringements, yet no conclusive resolution appears to have been reached.

In 2023, instances of infringement were noted during the Miami Grand Prix, where rapper LL Cool J referred to F1 as “the greatest spectacle in motorsports.” A similar occurrence transpired in a promotional video leading up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, dubbing it “the greatest racing spectacle on the planet.”

As the new season approached, further infringement was observed when a broadcaster described F1 as “the greatest spectacle in motorsports” during a segment aired on the US network ESPN. These repeated trademark violations have left IMS disappointed, prompting Boles to assert the Speedway’s commitment to protecting its brand.

Boles reiterated IMS’s stance, expressing disappointment at the inability of others to establish their own brand identity without infringing upon theirs. He emphasized IMS’s readiness to take necessary measures to safeguard its intellectual property rights, stating to IndyStar:

“We are aware of the use of our mark in what appears to be a broadcast promotional spot. We will once again address it with the appropriate people and are prepared to take every measure possible to protect our brand’s intellectual property.

“It continues to be disappointing that others can’t create their own brand identity without infringing upon ours.”

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