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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton to Extend Diversity Mission to Ferrari – “A Priority”

Lewis Hamilton’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in Formula 1 extends beyond his tenure at Mercedes, as he plans to bring his initiatives to Ferrari in 2025.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over twelve years at Mercedes, Hamilton actively promoted diversity and inclusion in motorsport.
  • Hamilton aims to continue these efforts at Ferrari in 2025, expanding his commitment to diversity initiatives.
  • Ignite charity, established by Hamilton and Mercedes, is a key component of Mission 44, addressing racial diversity in STEM teaching staff across the UK.

During his time with Mercedes, Hamilton spearheaded efforts to enhance diversity within the team. He expressed pride in the progress made, highlighting the establishment of diverse groups within HR and stressing the ongoing commitment beyond his tenure.

Hamilton’s dedication to diversity extends to Ferrari, with plans already in motion to address the existing gaps within the team. In discussions with Ferrari chairman John Elkann, Hamilton emphasized the importance of this mission, stating it as a priority for the upcoming year.

Hamilton’s decision to extend his diversity initiatives to Ferrari reflects his unwavering commitment to driving change within the sport. As Formula 1 continues its journey toward greater inclusivity, Hamilton’s leadership serves as a guiding light for the future of motorsport.

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