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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Factory Visit Contradiction Unveiled

In a surprising turn, Lewis Hamilton’s denial of visiting the Ferrari factory in Maranello during pre-season testing sparks controversy as Ferrari’s vice-chairman Piero Ferrari reveals details of Hamilton’s visit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hamilton previously claimed to have never visited the Ferrari factory, citing it wasn’t appropriate while being with Mercedes.
  • Piero Ferrari contradicted Hamilton’s statement, disclosing Hamilton’s visit a few years ago to take delivery of his LaFerrari, clarifying it was not to the F1 racing department but for his new car.
  • Hamilton’s humorous expression of interest in joining Ferrari during his visit in 2014 coincides with Sebastian Vettel’s time with the team.

Hamilton’s announcement of joining Ferrari next year sent shockwaves through Formula 1, amplifying scrutiny over his interactions with the Prancing Horse. Amidst this backdrop, recent claims of him not visiting Maranello have stirred confusion, raising questions about the accuracy of his statements.

Forgetting about his visit to the Ferrari factory, Hamilton’s statements during the Bahrain pre-season testing added fuel to the fire. He stated, “I have not. I bought my first Ferrari in 2010…Being with Mercedes, I didn’t think it was a good look to go.”

However, Piero Ferrari’s revelation sheds new light on Hamilton’s previous interactions with the Italian marque. Speaking to Italian journalist Leo Turrini, Ferrari disclosed, “Perhaps not everyone knows that Lewis has always been sensitive to the fascination of the Prancing Horse. He’s a customer of ours! He has visited the factory more than once.”

Ferrari emphasized that Hamilton’s visit was not mere sightseeing; rather, it was for a very specific purpose. “The model called LaFerrari. Hamilton came to Maranello to give directions on how to set up the car. It was on that occasion that we greeted each other cordially,” Ferrari revealed.

Ferrari’s clarification regarding Hamilton’s visit underscores the intricacies of Formula 1’s behind-the-scenes dynamics. Hamilton’s purported contradiction regarding his Ferrari factory visit stands clarified, yet it offers a glimpse into the nuanced relationships within the sport. As Hamilton’s journey unfolds, his past interactions with Ferrari continue to add layers to his narrative, shaping perceptions and fueling speculation within the F1 community.

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