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F1 News: Driver And Team Boss Criticize Fernando Alonso Proposal

During the unveiling of Aston Martin’s 2024 title contender, Fernando Alonso raised concerns about the adequacy of the three-day pre-season testing period in Formula 1. Alonso argued that the limited time frame was insufficient for teams to grasp and fine-tune their cars for the rigorous 24-race season ahead. He proposed a solution involving the use of both cars for testing, particularly when the first race of the season is set at the same location, Bahrain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fernando Alonso criticized the limited three-day pre-season testing in Formula 1 as inadequate for preparing cars for the upcoming 24-race season, suggesting it’s unfair to have only one and a half days for each driver.
  • Alonso proposed the use of both cars for testing to address the time constraint, especially when the first race of the season is at the same location.
  • Valtteri Bottas disagreed, stating that current testing duration is sufficient with advancements in simulation tools. RB/VCARB team principal Laurent Mekies preferred more races over extending testing, citing the current schedule’s manageability.

Alonso’s critique stems from the belief that the current testing regimen fails to meet the demands of modern Formula 1. “We have a very limited testing in Bahrain, which is – and I can say it now because I’ve been thinking all winter about this – how unfair [it] is that we have one day and a half to prepare a World Championship,” Alonso expressed to the media.

He continued, highlighting the disparity between the resources invested in Formula 1 and the brevity of testing opportunities: “There’s no other sport in the world with all the money involved, and with all the marketing and the good things that we say about Formula 1, and being closer and closer to the fans, I cannot understand why we then go to Bahrain for four days, which could be two and two for [each of] the drivers.”

However, not everyone shares Alonso’s perspective. Valtteri Bottas, for instance, believes that technological advancements have made the current testing duration adequate. “Nowadays it is. It is. With the simulation tools, with the simulator, it is and I think today was a great example,” Bottas remarked.

Laurent Mekies of RB/VCARB echoed a similar sentiment, emphasizing the manageability of the current testing schedule amidst the impending 24-race season. Mekies expressed a preference for prioritizing more races over extending testing sessions, citing potential resource challenges associated with implementing Alonso’s proposal.

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