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Felipe Drugovich’s Surprising Rejection of IndyCar Test Ignites F1 Seat Speculation

In a move that has the Formula One community buzzing, Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Drugovich declined an IndyCar test, stoking rumors about his future in F1. This decision, deemed “weird” by fans, suggests a potential permanent seat in Formula One for the 2024 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Declined Opportunities: Drugovich turned down not just the IndyCar test with Ed Carpenter’s team, but also offers from Chip Ganassi Racing in IndyCar and Andretti in Formula E. These rejections have fueled speculation about his future career plans.
  • Fan Theories: Social media has been abuzz with theories. Some fans speculate Drugovich might be in line for a permanent F1 seat, possibly with Alfa Romeo, based on his series of rejections. Others believe he might have a pre-contract for 2025 or is considering a move to the World Endurance Championship (WEC).
  • Career Implications: The Brazilian driver’s decision to stay on the F1 periphery, despite the reduced opportunities for testing and development compared to previous years, suggests he might have a solid lead or assurance regarding his future in F1.

Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Drugovich has recently made headlines in the Formula One community by rejecting a chance to test for a seat in IndyCar with Ed Carpenter’s team. This move, characterized as “weird” by fans, has sparked intense speculation and discussion, particularly on social media platforms like Reddit.

One Reddit user pointed out the broad interest in the IndyCar seat, noting that Indy NXT champion Rasmussen was also invited. They expressed confusion over Drugovich’s series of rejections, saying, “But yeah, really, really, really weird move from Drugovich. First he turned town Chip Ganassi Racing in IndyCar, then Andretti Formula E, now Ed Carpenter in IndyCar. Either the food in the Aston Martin hospitality must be really good, or he knows something we don’t.”

The astonishment continued with another fan expressing disbelief and hypothesizing that Drugovich might have a firm arrangement akin to what Oscar Piastri secured, or else a different rationale for staying close to Formula One.

Further adding to the speculation, another observer suggested Drugovich might already have a deal for a future season in F1, possibly 2025, or be considering a switch to the WEC.

Fueling the rumor mill, another fan cited possible links between Drugovich and Alfa Romeo, speculating that he might be keeping his options open for a seat with the team, as there have been reports considering him for that position.

In summary, Drugovich’s series of rejections has left the motorsports world rife with speculation. His future, whether in Formula One, another racing series, or a yet-unknown path, remains a hot topic among fans and analysts alike.

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