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Helmut Marko Demands Enhanced Car Inspections in F1: Red Bull Advisor’s Call for Change Following US Grand Prix Controversies

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing’s senior advisor, has recently called for more rigorous and frequent inspections of Formula One cars. His statement, rooted in concerns for sport integrity, follows the disqualification of notable drivers at the US Grand Prix.

Key Takeaways:

  • Need for More Checks: Marko advocates for thorough and regular inspections of all cars scoring points. He emphasizes the importance of these checks, despite their time-consuming nature, to maintain the sport’s integrity.
  • Disqualifications at US Grand Prix: The recent disqualifications of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc have cast a spotlight on the inconsistencies in the FIA’s inspection processes. The situation raised concerns as their teammates’ cars were not subjected to the same level of scrutiny.
  • Racing Community’s Support: The call for consistent checks has gained traction within the racing community. Notably, Max Verstappen and Guenther Steiner have echoed Marko’s sentiments, underlining the need for uniformity in inspections. Marko himself suggests that at least the top ten finishers should be subject to post-race checks.

Helmut Marko’s recent statements have stirred a significant debate in the Formula One community. Following the contentious disqualifications of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at the US Grand Prix, Marko has been vocal about the need for more comprehensive and regular car inspections, especially for those vehicles earning points in a Grand Prix. This demand for change is not just about adhering to the rules but also about upholding the integrity of the sport.

At the heart of Marko’s proposal is the idea that every car that finishes in the top ten should undergo rigorous post-race inspections. This, he believes, is essential to ensure fairness and compliance with the regulations governing the sport. His comments, as reported by, reflect a deep understanding of the complexities involved in car inspections. Each vehicle, being slightly different, poses a unique challenge in the inspection process.

Marko’s satisfaction with Max Verstappen’s car being inspected after the US Grand Prix is a testament to his commitment to transparency and fairness in the sport. He acknowledges the intricacies of the inspection process, stating, “Every car has to go up and is slightly different, so it’s not like you just quickly go there and measure things. It takes time.”

However, despite these challenges, Marko is adamant that changes are necessary for the future of Formula One. “But for the future, I do think something has to change to make sure the process can be faster,” he remarked. His vision for the sport includes a more efficient inspection process, enabling the potential to check all cars. “Then maybe we will be able to check all the cars. In any case, I believe that the first ten after a race should always be checked,” he concluded, underlining his commitment to ensuring fairness and upholding the rigorous standards of Formula One racing.

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