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Jos Verstappen Warns of Internal Tension at Red Bull Racing Amid Horner Controversy

In a revealing interview, Jos Verstappen expressed deep concerns about the stability of Red Bull Racing, particularly focusing on team principal Christian Horner. He warned that the situation might lead to the team’s downfall, bringing to light the internal challenges facing the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jos Verstappen warns of high tension within Red Bull Racing due to Christian Horner remaining in his position, fearing the team could “explode.”
  • The FIA has not initiated an investigation into the controversy, citing a lack of formal complaint against Horner.
  • An independent inquiry commissioned by Red Bull found Horner not guilty of any misconduct, despite ongoing allegations and leaked information.

The F1 world is currently abuzz with the escalating tension within Red Bull Racing, as revealed in recent statements by Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen. The controversy, focusing on Christian Horner, the team principal, has raised questions about the team’s future harmony and effectiveness.

Jos Verstappen, during an interview with Daily Mail and as quoted by Autosport, expressed his concerns: “There is tension here while he remains in position. The team is in danger of being torn apart. It can’t go on the way it is. It will explode. He is playing the victim, when he is the one causing the problems.” This stark warning highlights the gravity of the situation within one of F1’s most successful teams.

Despite these internal conflicts, the FIA has remained on the sidelines. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the FIA President, has emphasized his disappointment in the controversy overshadowing the sport’s popularity and the excitement of the new season. Yet, he pointed out the FIA’s inaction due to the absence of a formal complaint, leaving the situation within the hands of Red Bull Racing.

The independent investigation by Red Bull, which cleared Horner of any misconduct, has not fully dispelled the doubts and rumors. Leaked information and accusations continue to surface, challenging the team’s unity and focus.

In the midst of this, Horner has maintained his composure and commitment to his role within the team. Despite the turmoil, he continues his duties as team principal, evident during his recent appearance at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

This ongoing controversy within Red Bull Racing not only threatens the team’s internal stability but also raises questions about the impact such tensions might have on the team’s performance and reputation in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

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