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Lance Stroll Takes Extreme Precautions Ahead of ’24 Season Opener: “Not Allowed To Leave”

In anticipation of the 2024 season opener, Lance Stroll adopts a cautious approach, humorously recounting his preparations and revealing his determination to participate in pre-season testing after facing setbacks last year. Stroll’s humorous remarks shed light on his commitment to ensuring his presence at the crucial pre-season sessions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lance Stroll, having missed the 2023 pre-season testing due to injury, amusingly shares his strategy of filling his home with pillows for protection and imposing self-confinement to guarantee his participation in the upcoming pre-season testing.
  • Pre-season testing holds immense importance for optimal preparation, particularly when both testing and the initial race of the year occur at the same venue. However, Stroll’s absence from testing last year, caused by a cycling accident in Spain, posed significant challenges for him.
  • Despite undergoing surgery just 12 days before the opening race last season, Stroll participated in the Bahrain Grand Prix, but it took him some time to match the pace. This year, he aims to avoid a similar scenario by taking precautionary measures to ensure his presence at pre-season testing in Bahrain.

Entering pre-season testing holds great significance to commence the campaign in optimal conditions, particularly when both testing and the initial race of the year transpire at the same location. Yet, Stroll encountered a substantial setback last season by skipping testing. Before heading to Bahrain, the Canadian faced a cycling mishap in Spain, placing his involvement in the season opener at risk.

Even after undergoing surgery merely 12 days before the opening race, Lance Stroll encountered his initial true test of pushing the car to its limits at the Bahrain Grand Prix. While Stroll’s dedication to racing was evident as he participated in Bahrain, it required a few rounds for him to match the pace.

Stroll’s absence from testing posed a significant hindrance. The setup work typically tackled during testing was a privilege Stroll missed in 2023. Having arrived at the Bahrain International Circuit a year ago with a bandaged wrist, he is determined to prevent a similar recurrence next week and thus, humorously revealed his game plan at the launch of Aston Martin’s 2024 car. Speaking to the media, he said:

“My apartment is stacked with pillows and I’m not allowed to leave.

“I’m allowed to go running.

“Actually no one told me this.

“I think we live and we learn every day. So I’m running, I’m watching my step while I run. No ankle twisting, none of that funny business just running in a straight stride.

“And yeah, just looking after my limbs, I want to get to Bahrain testing this year. So that’s the game plan.”

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