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F1 News: Ferrari’s Unique Suspension Choice for 2024 Cars

In a bold move amidst the overhaul of their SF-24 car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, Ferrari decided to maintain their pull-rod suspension setup, setting them apart from other teams on the grid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari retained its pull-rod suspension setup while making significant changes to the SF-24 car during the winter break.
  • Despite industry trends favoring push-rod rear suspensions, Ferrari’s technical director, Enrico Cardile, explained that the team achieved better aerodynamic performance with their modified pull-rod setup.
  • The 2024 SF-24 features an innovative rear suspension located inside the gearbox, representing a departure from previous designs and showcasing Ferrari’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Ferrari’s decision to stick with the pull-rod suspension for their SF-24 car for the 2024 Formula 1 season has raised eyebrows across the paddock. Despite the pressure to adapt to industry norms, the Maranello-based team remains steadfast in their approach, drawing both curiosity and admiration from fans and rivals alike.

Technical director Enrico Cardile shed light on Ferrari’s unconventional choice, emphasizing the extensive testing and evaluation that went into the decision-making process. Speaking to the media, Cardile highlighted the team’s commitment to innovation while staying true to their design principles:

“We tested for a couple of years a push-rod suspension. In reality, our rear suspension is a bit different in terms of top and lower wishbone distribution compared to a Red Bull one, to mention one team.”

Cardile further elaborated on the rationale behind Ferrari’s adherence to the pull-rod setup, citing tangible aerodynamic gains and a lack of significant advantages in transitioning to a push-rod configuration:

“We recorded good aero results moving towards this direction and when moving from pull-rod to push-rod, we didn’t measure a big advantage to justify some compromise in terms of weight or compliance.”

Highlighting the team’s commitment to continuous improvement, Cardile discussed the innovative approach taken with the 2024 SF-24’s rear suspension, showcasing Ferrari’s willingness to explore new concepts and technologies:

“The main differences compared to last year’s car are on the rear, where the inboard suspension is differently located inside the gearbox. It is also a different concept which, for us at least, has been an innovation because it’s a different way to manage the inboard suspension compared to what we did in the past.”

Ferrari’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of engineering and design sets them apart as true innovators in the world of Formula 1, and their unique suspension choice for the 2024 season underscores this commitment to excellence. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on Ferrari to see how their bold decision translates on the track.

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