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Max Verstappen’s RB19 Achieves Historic Feat at Brazilian Grand Prix: Tying Mercedes W11’s Record Wins

In a display of skill and strategy, Max Verstappen triumphed at the Brazilian Grand Prix, catapulting the Red Bull RB19 to a historic achievement. This win ties the RB19 with the legendary Mercedes W11 for the highest number of wins in Formula 1, encompassing both standard races and sprints.

Key Takeaways:

  • Record-Equalling Performance: Max Verstappen’s victory in the Brazilian GP elevates the Red Bull RB19 to a historic plateau, equalling the Mercedes W11’s record as the most successful F1 car, considering both standard races and sprints.
  • Triumph Amidst Adversity: The race, characterized by multiple DNFs and a dramatic reshuffling of positions, highlighted Verstappen’s adept handling and strategy to secure victory, with Norris and Alonso completing the podium.
  • A Contested Legacy: The RB19’s new record, including sprint wins, sparks debate over its comparison with the W11’s Grand Prix wins. The legacy of the RB19 in F1 history remains a subject of discussion, given the technicalities involved.

As the excitement of the Brazilian Grand Prix wanes, the Formula 1 world witnesses a significant milestone. Max Verstappen, with his impeccable racing prowess, has led the Red Bull Racing RB19 to a monumental achievement, aligning it with the Mercedes W11’s illustrious record of the most Formula 1 wins. This victory at Interlagos not only reinforces Verstappen’s growing legend but also marks the RB19 as a formidable force in the racing world.

A Triumph of Strategy and Skill The Brazilian GP was a whirlwind of drama, characterized by numerous DNFs that dramatically altered the course of the race. Amidst this chaos, Verstappen demonstrated his exceptional talent and strategic acumen, guiding the RB19 to a well-earned victory. His performance, a blend of finesse and control, was a testament to his mastery in the sport. Complementing Verstappen’s success, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso’s ascent to the podium highlighted their evolving legacies in Formula 1.

A Record Within Reach, A Legacy in Question While the RB19’s achievement is commendable, it is not without contention. The RB19’s tally, including sprint victories, now parallels the Mercedes W11’s record. This comparison, however, is nuanced, as the W11’s dominance spanned two seasons, initially as the W11 and then as the W12. Thus, the W11’s legacy extended beyond a single season, adding complexity to the comparison.

The Tally That Tells Two Tales The RB19’s place in F1 history is intricate, with its 18 Grand Prix wins and 5 sprint victories stirring debate about its achievements against the W11’s 22 Grand Prix wins. Nevertheless, the RB19’s performance under Verstappen’s stewardship has been nothing short of remarkable, regardless of the nuances in record-keeping.

The Brazilian Grand Prix was a challenging event, marked by a pre-start crash involving Charles Leclerc and a turn 1 collision between Albon and Magnussen leading to multiple retirements. The race was fraught with interruptions and retirements, including those of Zhou Guanyu, Valtteri Bottas, and George Russell due to overheating issues. These incidents underscored the demanding nature of the race and the resilience of the drivers and teams involved.

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