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Max Verstappen Tops 2023 F1 Driver Rankings, Hamilton Secures P2 Despite Not Voting

In the latest 2023 Formula 1 drivers vote, Lewis Hamilton, who abstained from voting, was placed second, just behind championship winner Max Verstappen. This voting session saw all drivers, excluding Hamilton, participate to rank the top ten performers of the season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dominance of Max Verstappen: Max Verstappen, the 2023 F1 champion, was voted as the top driver by his peers. His remarkable performance in the RB19 car led him to 19 victories out of 22 Grands Prix, breaking several long-standing records.
  • Hamilton’s Unwavering Popularity: Despite not participating in the voting process, Lewis Hamilton was ranked second by other drivers, reflecting his consistent high performance and respect among fellow racers.
  • Surprises and Shifts in Rankings: New entrants Oscar Piastri and Pierre Gasly broke into the top ten, while Charles Leclerc and George Russell saw significant drops in their rankings compared to the previous year.

The Formula 1 driver’s vote for the 2023 season unveiled some predictable outcomes along with a few surprises. Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, confirmed his dominance in the sport by not only clinching the championship title but also being voted as the number one driver by his peers. His unparalleled success in the RB19 this season, marked by an astounding 19 wins in 22 races, broke records set by F1 legends, establishing him as a formidable force in the sport.

Lewis Hamilton, a name synonymous with success in Formula 1, managed to secure the second position in the drivers’ vote, despite choosing not to participate in the voting process. This speaks volumes about his stature and the respect he commands among his contemporaries. Last year, Hamilton was placed third, making this year’s ranking an improvement, and further cementing his legacy as one of the sport’s greats.

The results also highlighted the impressive performance of veteran driver Fernando Alonso. In his debut year with Aston Martin, Alonso not only contributed significantly to the team’s success in the Constructors’ Championship but also earned the admiration of his fellow drivers, securing the third spot in the vote. This achievement underscores his enduring skill and competitiveness in the sport.

The season also witnessed the rise of new talents. Oscar Piastri of McLaren and Pierre Gasly of Alpine, both newcomers, managed to secure positions in the top ten, at eighth and ninth places respectively. Their impressive performances in their debut season indicate a promising future in F1 racing.

On the flip side, Charles Leclerc and George Russell experienced declines in their rankings. Leclerc fell from second to fifth, while Russell, previously ranked third, did not make it into the top ten this year, highlighting the intense competition and fluctuating fortunes in the world of Formula 1 racing.

The final voting results showcased the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Formula 1, where reputations are continually made and remade on the track. The rankings for this season are as follows:

1. Max Verstappen

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Fernando Alonso

4. Lando Norris

5. Charles Leclerc

6. Carlos Sainz

7. Alex Albon

8. Oscar Piastri

9. Pierre Gasly

10. Sergio Perez

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