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Red Bull Ups Security for Max Verstappen at Mexican GP Amid Safety Fears

Red Bull Racing has taken extraordinary security measures for Max Verstappen at the Mexican Grand Prix, appointing two bodyguards for him. This decision follows fan backlash experienced during the United States Grand Prix.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Security for Verstappen: Red Bull Racing has assigned two bodyguards to Max Verstappen at the Mexican Grand Prix, a move prompted by increasing safety concerns.
  • Fan Reaction at US Grand Prix: The decision stems from the negative fan response Verstappen received at the United States Grand Prix, where he was booed and overshadowed by cheers for his teammate Sergio Perez.
  • Verstappen’s Indifference: Despite the heightened security, Verstappen remains unperturbed by the situation, asserting his focus remains on the race and not on the fan reactions.

The Mexican Grand Prix has become the center of attention not just for the race itself, but for the heightened security measures around Red Bull Racing’s star driver, Max Verstappen. The triple world champion faced a significant backlash at the United States Grand Prix, leading to Red Bull’s proactive approach to his safety. As confirmed by Dr Helmut Marko in a conversation with, Verstappen will have the protection of two bodyguards throughout the event.

The decision by Red Bull is a response to the unsettling environment witnessed during Verstappen’s victory at the United States Grand Prix. The crowd’s audible disapproval, marked by boos and chants favoring his teammate Sergio Perez, highlighted the fans’ displeasure and raised concerns about Verstappen’s well-being.

Despite the protective measures, Verstappen himself appears to be taking the situation in stride. His response to the media post the US Grand Prix was one of casual indifference. “In the end, I’m the one who goes home with the trophy, fine by me,” he stated, showing his focus remains on his performance rather than the crowd’s reaction.

Moreover, the incident has sparked a broader discussion about sportsmanship and fan behavior in Formula 1. The Mexican Grand Prix organizers have stepped up, issuing a stern message to fans to respect all competitors, including Verstappen and the Austrian team. This move underscores the sport’s commitment to maintaining a respectful and safe environment for all participants.

As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, the spotlight is not only on the race itself but also on how the fans will react in this charged atmosphere. Will Verstappen’s fifth victory in Mexico be met with cheers or jeers? Regardless, Red Bull Racing has made it clear that their priority is the safety and well-being of their championship-winning driver.

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