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Jetwing Jetpack Can Reach 250mph And Just Hit 3,000Ft In 30 Seconds

During 2015, the ‘Jetwing’ by Jetman Dubai made its debut and sparked our need of becoming a real-life iron man. Since then, the design has improved in leaps and bounds, and now they’ve managed to secure themselves a record-breaking flight.

Where before they’d only launch from platforms or a plane, this time they launched from the floor. Then, in just 30 seconds, this carbon fibre quad turbine machine took its pilot to 3,000 feet – the first for a jetpack of any kind.

Other impressive stats include a range of 31 miles – or about fifteen minutes – a top speed of a stupendous 250mph, and the ability to fly to 20,000 feet. All this can be recorded via a host of cameras including a 360-degree example.

Unfortunately, the Dubia company has no interest in putting this machine into production (can you imagine the terror?) but they’ll be working towards breaking this record and improving its performance further.

Check out the video below to see its record-breaking run.

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