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Sergio Perez Praises Fernando Alonso’s Defensive Skills at Brazilian GP: A Lesson for the Grid

In a recent statement, Sergio Perez applauded Fernando Alonso’s exceptional defensive driving at the Brazilian Grand Prix, hailing it as an exemplary display from which other drivers can learn. Their intense battle, which saw Alonso secure the final podium position, left a lasting impression on Perez.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intense Podium Battle: Sergio Perez, starting from ninth, exhibited a remarkable performance in the Brazilian Grand Prix, engaging in a nail-biting duel with Fernando Alonso for third place. Despite Perez’s aggressive push, Alonso’s skillful defense with the Aston Martin secured his position on the podium.
  • Perez’s Admiration for Alonso’s Skill: Recognizing the importance of a clean and fair fight, Perez expressed his admiration for Alonso’s defensive tactics. He highlighted this battle as an example for other drivers, emphasizing the significance of respectful and skillful racing.
  • An Exemplary Display of Racing: The battle between Perez and Alonso was not just about positions but also about showcasing the art of racing. Perez’s persistent chase and Alonso’s formidable defense made for a thrilling spectacle, illustrating the high standards of competition in Formula 1.

As the Brazilian Grand Prix concluded, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez offered a glowing tribute to Fernando Alonso’s defensive mastery. Perez, having surged from ninth place, encountered a formidable opponent in Alonso, whose defensive expertise shone brightly, staving off the faster Red Bull at every turn.

Despite possessing a car that was significantly superior in performance, Perez found himself repeatedly thwarted by Alonso. As the laps wound down, Perez managed to momentarily overtake Alonso, only to be swiftly re-passed by the experienced Spaniard, leveraging the advantage of DRS on the straight.

The climax of the race mirrored a dramatic showdown akin to Hamilton’s bid against Gasly in 2019, with Alonso ultimately securing his eighth podium finish of the season in a thrilling photo finish.

Reflecting on their intense competition, Perez shared with the media:

“It was quite an intense battle. We tried everything, unfortunately, we didn’t succeed on that. But it was well-deserved for Fernando.

“I think we had a great fight, very fair and to the limit. I think this is something that a lot of drivers can learn from.

“What we did, the way we fought today, it’s how it should be done. I’m on the wrong side, I ended up losing but it’s fine because it was a great fight.”

Despite this minor setback, Perez remains optimistic about his prospects in future races. His recent performances have been promising, and he is confident that a podium finish is within reach, given his current form and pace. This attitude, coupled with his respect for the racing spirit exemplified by Alonso, sets a high bar for sportsmanship and skill in Formula 1.

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