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Kaleb Cooper Reveals “Costly” Tractor Issues On Clarkson’s Farm

Kaleb Cooper doesn’t shy away from updating fans on the behind the scenes goings on of Clarkson’s Farm. But his latest update worried fans as he reports that his tractor is getting more and more expensive to run.

He shared a video to his Instagram stories where he showed his tractor being repaired as it leaked fuel onto the ground.

“She’s getting costly, Kieran. All that fuel on the floor. F***ing tractor,” Kaleb said off camera while panning the camera over the damage.

Fortunately, he’s just released his first book, The World According To Kaleb, which can be pre-ordered now from Amazon Prime.

“What a day I’m having!” Jeremy Clarkson’s farming partner said at the time. “Celebrating Oscar’s first birthday and finally getting to relieve this big announcement.

“As you all know, I’m not a big reader (the only book I’ve ever actually read is @jeremyclarkson1.)

“So I’ve decided to do the next best thing and write my own book!”

“SURPRISE. It’s about lots of things, but really it’s about how I love farming, and why nothing beats sitting on a tractor and ploughing a field – which, funnily enough, is where I did most of my brainstorming for this book.

“Signed copies of ‘The World According to Kaleb’ are available to pre-order now! Link in my bio.”

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