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2023 Honda Civic e:HEV: The F1-Inspired Hybrid Taking Roads by Storm

Alex Harrington’s review of the 2023 Honda Civic e:HEV highlights its fusion of F1 technology with everyday driving. Despite a high price, the vehicle impresses with its hybrid performance and refined design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seamless Hybrid Performance: The Civic e:HEV combines a 2.0-litre engine with an electric motor and e-CVT gearbox, creating a smooth and efficient driving experience. Its ability to seamlessly blend power from the engine and electric motor is particularly praised.
  • Refined Design, Inside and Out: Harrington notes the Civic’s pleasant, non-aggressive exterior design, featuring a shark nose-like tip and diamond-cut wheels. The interior, though not jaw-dropping, is described as high-quality with comfortable touches and advanced technology.
  • Cost Concerns: While acknowledging the advanced technology and unique position of the Civic e:HEV in the market, Harrington points out its steep price point, especially for higher-spec models.

The 2023 Honda Civic e:HEV stands out not just for its advanced hybrid system but for how it subtly integrates this technology into a familiar driving experience. Harrington’s encounter begins with the delivery of a premium blue metallic-clad Civic e:HEV, a color he recommends over a more subdued grey to really make the car “pop.”

Harrington appreciates the Civic’s approachable design in a market increasingly dominated by aggressive SUV styles. He remarks on the Civic’s more inviting and understated aesthetic, a contrast to the often intimidating designs of modern vehicles. The Civic’s exterior may not scream for attention, but details like the shark-nose bonnet and the diamond-cut wheels add a touch of elegance.

Beyond aesthetics, Harrington delves into the heart of the Civic e:HEV – its powertrain. The car features a 2.0-liter engine paired with an electric motor, delivering power through an e-CVT gearbox. This setup allows the engine to charge the battery, which in turn powers the motor for a seamless driving experience. The transition between electric and engine power is hardly noticeable, offering a smooth ride without the usual hybrid lurch.

Performance-wise, the Civic e:HEV doesn’t disappoint. It handles urban driving with ease, and while it won’t set any speed records, its torque is adequate for most needs. Harrington notes the car’s agility in corners and its ability to handle uneven roads, adding a layer of trust in its capabilities.

Inside, the Civic e:HEV boasts a mix of quality materials and technology, though some aspects like the infotainment system could use improvement. Safety features are abundant, but Harrington finds them a bit over-sensitive.

The price is a significant consideration. Harrington mentions the model he tested was priced at £37,445.00, a sum he deems quite high, although the base spec, which retains the impressive powertrain, is more reasonable.

In conclusion, the 2023 Honda Civic e:HEV presents as a smart, if not fully budget-friendly, blend of F1 technology and everyday practicality. It offers a glimpse into a future where hybrid vehicles provide a bridge between traditional internal combustion engines and all-electric vehicles. Harrington’s review concludes with a strong endorsement, reflected in the four out of five stars rating, underscoring the Civic e:HEV’s position as a notable and intelligent choice in today’s automotive market.

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