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F1 Shock: Carlos Sainz Expresses “Surprise” Over Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Move for 2025 Season

Carlos Sainz expresses astonishment over Ferrari’s decision to sign Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, marking his departure from the team after 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari’s acquisition of Lewis Hamilton for 2025 has sent shockwaves through the F1 community, including Carlos Sainz.
  • Sainz, set to leave Ferrari at the end of 2024, was restricted in his comments during the SF-24 car launch.
  • The press was firmly instructed to limit questions on the matter after Sainz’s initial statement, according to GP Blog.

In a surprising turn of events for the Formula One world, Ferrari’s decision to bring seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on board for the 2025 season has left many, including their current driver Carlos Sainz, taken aback. The impending transition signifies Sainz’s departure from the Italian team after the culmination of the 2024 season. Amidst the unveiling of Ferrari’s SF-24 car, Sainz found himself amid a media frenzy, compelled to share his thoughts on the significant team change.

Remaining concise yet reflective, Sainz expressed his thoughts on the matter:

“Yeah, I think there was, I think obviously a bit of a surprise, like [for] everyone in the Formula One world with the news. I think everyone was surprised in a way with what happened. From my side, you can obviously understand that I got to know the news a bit earlier than anyone else. But it’s true that then I had some weeks to reflect, some weeks to prepare and some weeks to also get ready for the car launch, for the first race of the season.

“So it gives you a bit of time to digest it, to make your own conclusions and to focus in the 2024 season now that there is ahead. But the fact that it was a bit of a surprise to the whole Formula One world is no news, and it was obviously also for me.”

Despite the unexpected nature of the announcement, Sainz remains focused on his upcoming season with Ferrari, eager to make the most of his remaining time with the team before embarking on the next chapter of his Formula One journey.

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