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AlphaTauri Eyes Former Haas Technical Director Simone Resta for 2024 Season

Simone Resta, the former technical director of Haas F1, is rumored to be joining AlphaTauri for the upcoming 2024 season. This potential move follows his sudden departure from Haas, amidst reported internal disagreements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resta’s Departure from Haas: Simone Resta left Haas F1 after reported disagreements over the team’s development direction and resource allocation, marking the end of his tenure that began in January 2021.
  • Challenges in Haas F1’s 2023 Season: Haas F1’s difficult season saw them struggle with tyre wear issues and underperformance, culminating in a low constructors’ standings position despite a major aerodynamic update.
  • What Lies Ahead for Resta and Haas: Resta is rumoured to be considering a move to AlphaTauri, according to

The Formula 1 community is abuzz with the latest development in the paddock. Simone Resta, the former technical director of Haas F1, may soon find a new home at AlphaTauri. Resta, renowned for his technical acumen and strategic thinking, left Haas following disagreements that reportedly revolved around the team’s development trajectory and resource management.

Haas F1, under Resta’s technical guidance since early 2021, faced a tumultuous 2023 season. The team battled with persistent tyre wear problems and a general lack of performance. Despite introducing a significant aerodynamic package at the United States Grand Prix, the desired turnaround in fortunes remained elusive, leaving the team languishing at the lower end of the constructors’ standings.

Resta’s strategy at Haas was characterized by an eagerness to capitalize on early successes and a push for rapid car updates. This approach, however, seemed to clash with team owner Gene Haas’ preference for a more measured, Red Bull-inspired update later in the season. This strategic divergence is believed to have been a contributing factor to Resta’s resignation. has reported that following his exit from Haas, Resta might be transitioning to AlphaTauri. This move, if confirmed, would place him under the leadership of Laurent Mekies and could signify a new direction for AlphaTauri in the competitive landscape of Formula 1.

This potential shift comes at a crucial time for AlphaTauri, as the team looks to elevate its standing in the sport. With Resta’s wealth of experience and technical expertise, AlphaTauri could benefit significantly from his insights and leadership. However, as the 2024 season approaches, the exact role Resta might play and the impact he could have on AlphaTauri’s performance remains a subject of much speculation and anticipation in the F1 world.

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