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Alpine F1 Team Unveils Special Las Vegas Livery in Collaboration with Palace Kappa

In a significant branding move, Alpine F1 Team revealed their unique livery for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, celebrating their partnership with Palace Kappa. This collaboration marks a fusion of high fashion and motorsport, showcasing a one-off design that captures the essence of both skate/streetwear and elite racing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unique Collaboration: Alpine announced a special partnership with skate and streetwear brand Palace and Italian sportswear brand Kappa. This collaboration, named Palace Kappa for Alpine, brings a fresh twist to the world of Formula 1 with a one-off livery for the A523 car and a dedicated apparel line.
  • Special Edition Designs: Along with the car’s livery, the Alpine team, including drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, will don racing suits and team kits reflecting the new Palace Kappa theme. This initiative goes beyond the car design, encompassing the entire team’s appearance for the Las Vegas GP.
  • Exclusive Apparel Collection: A unique capsule collection created through this collaboration will be available exclusively in Las Vegas at the Venetian shop from 16th November and globally at Palace stores from 17th November. This launch highlights the blend of sport and fashion in a limited edition range.

Alpine’s latest venture into the world of fashion and sport through its collaboration with Palace and Kappa is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of brand partnerships in Formula 1. The A523 car, set to compete in the Las Vegas Grand Prix, will sport a livery that is not just a representation of the team’s colors but also a canvas for Palace’s distinctive streetwear aesthetic.

The attention to detail in this collaboration is evident in the design elements. The car predominantly features the Alpine colors, but with added flair. The Palace branding, subtly placed toward the front of the car, complements the overall design. Unlike other teams that opted for a more straightforward Las Vegas theme, Alpine’s approach was to enhance the vibrancy and visibility of the team’s colors in specific areas of the car, creating a standout visual impact on the track.

The partnership’s significance is encapsulated in a statement from Palace, expressing their excitement at “kitting out BWT Alpine F1 Team’s car, drivers, and pit crew for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.” This enthusiasm is echoed by David Gendry, VP of Alpine Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Communications. Gendry highlights the unique nature of the collaboration, describing it as a perfect blend of trendy fashion and sports brands. He also points out the inspiration drawn from the surrounding desert of Las Vegas for the car’s livery.

This innovative move by Alpine not only elevates their brand presence in the F1 world but also bridges the gap between high-end fashion and motorsport, offering fans a new way to engage with the sport and its lifestyle aspects. The collaboration with Palace Kappa for Alpine marks a new chapter in the fusion of sports, fashion, and branding, setting a trend for future partnerships in Formula 1.

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