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Carlos Sainz Dominates Singapore Grand Prix FP2 with Scorching Speed

Ferrari's Sainz Leads the Way, While Williams Faces Setback

In a thrilling display of speed and precision, Carlos Sainz, the skilled Ferrari driver, dominated the second free practice session leading up to the Singapore Grand Prix. Sainz’s scorching performance left the paddock buzzing with excitement as he demonstrated his prowess on the demanding Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Following closely behind Sainz were his formidable teammates, Charles Leclerc and George Russell. Leclerc, who had earlier set the pace in the initial practice session, continued to impress by securing the second-fastest time in FP2. Meanwhile, George Russell showcased his mettle by clinching the third spot on the timesheets.

It was a day of relentless competition as Sainz and Leclerc, the dynamic duo from Scuderia Ferrari, kept their formidable pace throughout the second practice session. Despite some challenges caused by traffic on the circuit, they demonstrated their unyielding determination to stay at the forefront of the pack.

However, the day wasn’t without its setbacks. Williams Racing encountered a setback when Alex Albon faced power unit issues. The Williams team immediately sprang into action, working tirelessly to rectify the problem. Unfortunately, the Thai driver’s session was cut short after just five laps, leaving the team with unfinished business.

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