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Revamped Tyre Allocation and Qualifying Format: Italian Grand Prix Promises Thrills

Monza Gears Up for Sustainability-Focused Race Weekend with Innovative Tyre Strategy and Qualifying Shake-up

The world of Formula 1 is abuzz with anticipation as the Italian Grand Prix gears up to host the second race weekend featuring the novel qualifying format, complemented by a distinct tyre allocation strategy tailored for each team. This innovative approach promises to deliver an exhilarating spectacle on the legendary Monza circuit.

In a move that reflects the sport’s commitment to sustainability, the ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ (ATA) system will once again take center stage at Monza, following its earlier appearance during the Hungarian Grand Prix earlier this year. Despite the mixed response it garnered, the ATA system remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the sport’s environmental impact. This intriguing concept confines each team to a mere 11 sets of tyres for the entirety of the race weekend, introducing an element of strategy that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings.

Qualifying, the heart-pounding precursor to the main event, will unveil its revamped structure at the Italian Grand Prix. The three stages of qualifying will now feature an allocated tyre type, injecting strategic diversity into the mix. As the lights go green for Q1, drivers will tackle the track on the dependable Hard tyres, testing their mettle and machinery on this robust compound. Progressing to Q2, the contenders will switch to the adaptable Medium tyres, offering a balanced performance that could make all the difference in securing a favorable grid position.

The climax of qualifying, Q3, promises high-octane drama as the top ten drivers battle fiercely for pole position. However, the twist lies in the tyre selection – the Soft tyres will be the weapon of choice here. These grippy but delicate tyres will demand precision and finesse from the drivers, as they strive to extract every ounce of speed without compromising their chances in the impending race.

Pirelli Motorsport Director Mario Isola, a key figure in these changes, articulated his insights ahead of the Italian Grand Prix race weekend: “We are steering towards a more sustainable future for Formula 1. The tyre allocation system not only amplifies strategic dimensions but also aligns with our vision for a carbon-neutral sport by 2030.”

“After Hungary, Monza will be the second time that the Alternative Tyre Allocation (ATA) is trialled, which uses two fewer sets of tyres than the standard format.

“This offers a benefit in terms of CO2 saved both during production and transport, as well as giving teams and drivers a wider range of strategic option.

“For this reason as well, we have chosen the trio of softest compounds for Monza – C3, C4, and C5 – which has already been nominated five times this season.”

The weekend’s action-packed schedule commences with the initial two Free Practice sessions, setting the stage for what’s to come. The crescendo builds on Saturday with the third and final Free Practice session, followed by the eagerly awaited Qualifying. The culmination of this automotive spectacle unfolds on Sunday with the Grand Prix itself, as the drivers put their skill, strategy, and allocated tyres to the ultimate test on the iconic Monza track.

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