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Carlos Sainz Leads Day 2 of F1 Pre-Season Testing in Bahrain

On the second day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Carlos Sainz set the pace, topping the timesheets in his Ferrari. While his performance showcased the potential of the team, it’s essential to interpret testing times with caution due to various factors influencing results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari topped the timesheets with a notable lap time, but testing times are influenced by factors like fuel loads and setups.
  • Despite challenges, including a brake fire for Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, the day highlighted the unpredictable nature of pre-season testing.
  • Minor disruptions, such as a loose drain cover, underscored the experimental environment of testing sessions.

As the Formula 1 paddock continues its pre-season preparations in Bahrain, Carlos Sainz emerged as the fastest on the second day, showcasing the potential of his Ferrari with a lap time of 1m29.921s. Utilizing the C4 compound tires, his pace was impressive, yet it’s crucial to acknowledge that testing times are not entirely indicative of true race performance. Teams experiment with different setups, including varying fuel loads, which can significantly affect lap times.

The day wasn’t without its dramas, particularly for Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who faced a brake fire and later a technical issue that forced him to return to the pits at a reduced pace. Nonetheless, Perez managed to clock the second-fastest time. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton posted the third-fastest time, joining McLaren’s Lando Norris in using the C3 compound tires.

The morning session saw an interruption due to a loose drain cover. This incident, involving both Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, led to an extended afternoon session due to the early stoppage in the morning. Leclerc later confirmed that they had to replace the floor of the SF24 due to damage from the drain cover, but it wasn’t too much damage to hinder the remainder of the day.

Notably, Daniel Ricciardo placed fifth for RB, opting for the C4 tires and highlighting the variety of strategies in play during testing.

2024 Pre-Season Testing Day 2 Results

  1. Sainz, Ferrari, 1m29.921s, C4 – 84 laps
  2. Perez, Red Bull, 1m30.679s, C3 – 129 laps
  3. Hamilton, Mercedes, 1m31.066s, C3 – 123 laps
  4. Norris, McLaren, 1m31.256s, C3 – 52 laps
  5. Ricciardo, RB, 1m31.361s, C4 – 88 laps
  6. Leclerc, Ferrari, 1m31.750s, C3 – 54 laps
  7. Stroll, Aston Martin, 1m32.029s, C3 – 96 laps
  8. Ocon, Alpine, 1m32.061s, C3 – 78 laps
  9. Bottas, Sauber, 1m32.227s, C3 – 97 laps
  10. Piastri, McLaren, 1m32.328s, C3 – 35 laps
  11. Sargeant, Williams, 1m32.578s, C4 – 117 laps
  12. Alonso, Aston Martin, 1m33.053s, C3 – 31 laps
  13. Zhou, Sauber, 1m33.715s, C3 – 38 laps
  14. Gasly, Alpine, 1m33.804s, C3 – 33 laps
  15. Magnussen, Haas, 1m36.611s, C3 – 93 laps
  16. Hulkenberg, Haas, 1m37.509s, C3 – 31 laps
  17. Tsunoda, RB, 1m38.074s, C3 – 40 laps

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