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Carlos Sainz Sr. Champions Madrid as the New Host for Spanish Grand Prix – A Potential F1 Calendar Shakeup

In a recent interview, Carlos Sainz Sr., the father of Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz, endorsed Madrid as the new location for the Spanish Grand Prix. His support marks a significant shift in the traditional hosting of the event in Catalunya, suggesting a potential reshaping of the F1 calendar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Endorsement from a Racing Icon: Carlos Sainz Sr., a respected figure in motorsports, has publicly supported the idea of moving the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid. His endorsement carries weight due to his status in the racing community.
  • Shift from Traditional Venue: Since 1991, Catalunya has been the home of the Spanish Grand Prix. The proposal to move the race to Madrid signals a departure from decades of tradition, opening the door to other potential venues in Spain.
  • Madrid’s F1 Prospects: Speculation about Madrid hosting the Grand Prix as early as 2026 highlights the dynamic nature of F1’s expanding calendar. Sainz Sr.’s comments emphasize the positive impact a Grand Prix can have on a city and the lack of a fixed rule for a race’s permanent location.

In a significant development for Formula 1 racing, Carlos Sainz Sr., a renowned rally driver and father of current Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz, has thrown his support behind Madrid as the future host for the Spanish Grand Prix. This endorsement is not just a mere opinion but a notable shift in the landscape of Formula 1 venues, given the prestige and influence of Sainz Sr. in the motorsport world.

The Spanish Grand Prix has a long history at the Catalunya circuit, being the primary venue since 1991. However, the suggestion to move the event to Madrid indicates a willingness to evolve and adapt within the Formula 1 community. This is not unprecedented, as other Spanish circuits like Jerez and Jarama have previously hosted the Grand Prix.

The potential for Madrid to host the event as soon as 2026 adds an exciting dimension to the evolving Formula 1 calendar. The sport’s expanding schedule means that competition for hosting rights is more intense than ever. Sainz Sr.’s advocacy for Madrid, coupled with his insight into the sport’s dynamics, underscores the viability and potential success of such a move.

In his interview with, Sainz Sr. stated, “I think the presence of a Grand Prix in Spain is fundamental. I don’t know if in the end it will be one or two, but if it is confirmed, and it could be a reality, if the Spanish Grand Prix comes to Madrid, like any Madrileño, [I would be] happy, I know what a Grand Prix implies and the imprint it leaves on a city. I think that, on the other hand, Catalonia has had it for many years and enjoyed it, there is no written rule that it has to be for life in one place, it was also in Jerez at the time. These are processes in the world of motorsport that are going on and if it really happens, I would be very happy. I encourage anyone who has the ability to decide, and I think it’s a private initiative, so no one can point the finger at anyone and for the money to go somewhere, I think if it is done, it will be a success.”

This endorsement from a figure as prominent as Sainz Sr. could be a significant factor in the decision-making process for the future location of the Spanish Grand Prix. His comments not only reflect his personal preference but also highlight the dynamic nature of Formula 1 racing and its continual evolution. Madrid’s potential as a Grand Prix host city, backed by the support of a motorsport legend, sets the stage for an exciting development in the world of Formula 1.

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