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Christian Horner Confirms Sergio Perez’s Red Bull Future Amid Speculation

In a recent development, Red Bull team chief Christian Horner has confirmed Sergio Perez’s position with the team for the upcoming year, despite earlier contradictory statements from Dr. Helmut Marko. This announcement follows after Perez’s performance at the Dutch Grand Prix and Max Verstappen’s dominant season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christian Horner’s Firm Stance: Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has unequivocally stated that Sergio Perez will remain a Red Bull Racing driver in 2024, emphasizing his current contract and dismissing any doubts raised by Helmut Marko’s earlier comments.
  • Helmut Marko’s Ambiguous Remarks: Red Bull motorsport advisor Dr. Helmut Marko previously suggested that Perez’s future with the team might depend on his ongoing performance. His remarks came ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix and seemed to cast uncertainty over Perez’s position.
  • Perez’s Current Performance: Despite losing a podium position due to a penalty at Zandvoort, Perez is second in the World Championship standings. Horner praised his performance and pointed out that, if not for Verstappen’s exceptional form, Perez could have won several more races.

Red Bull Racing’s 2023 season has been nothing short of extraordinary, with the team clinching victory in all thirteen races so far. Max Verstappen’s stellar performance has been a significant factor in the team’s success, leading to rumors about Sergio Perez’s future with the team. However, in light of recent events, team principal Christian Horner has made a clear statement regarding Perez’s status.

After the Dutch Grand Prix, where Verstappen achieved his eleventh win of the season and Perez missed out on third place due to a penalty, Horner addressed the media with confidence about Perez’s future. He stated, “Checo’s situation for next year is clear. He’s a Red Bull Racing driver. We have an agreement with him. And irrelevant of agreements, we’re pleased with the job he’s doing.” This statement follows after Dr. Helmut Marko’s comments to Kleine Zeitung, where he hinted at the uncertainty of Perez’s future, saying, “Nothing is 100 per cent certain in Formula 1, there simply is no such thing.”

Horner further elaborated on Perez’s performance, emphasizing his unfortunate penalty at Zandvoort and highlighting his current standing as second in the World Championship. Horner remarked, “If Max wasn’t there, Checo would have won another four or five races. He’s doing his job.”

This season has seen Verstappen extending his lead to a remarkable 138 points over Perez, who is still maintaining a strong position in the drivers’ standings, 33 points ahead of Fernando Alonso. With such a performance, Red Bull seems poised to retain Perez for the foreseeable future, quashing any doubts about his role in the team for 2024.

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