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Danica Patrick Reveals Toto Wolff’s Frustration After Las Vegas Grand Prix: Mercedes’ Struggles Loom Large

Mercedes' Season Challenges Unveiled: Can They Secure a Win in the Final Grand Prix?

Former Nascar and IndyCar driver Danica Patrick recently offered insights into the emotional state of Mercedes’ team principal and CEO, Toto Wolff, following the tumultuous Las Vegas Grand Prix. In her revelation, Patrick described Wolff as appearing “defeated and frustrated,” a sentiment that reflected the immense pressure and challenges the team had endured throughout the season.

As the Formula 1 season neared its conclusion, Mercedes found themselves in a perplexing situation. Despite their reputation as a powerhouse in the sport, they had yet to secure a victory in the current campaign. While they managed to maintain their grip on the second position in the Constructors’ Championship, their lead over Ferrari, positioned in third place, hung precariously by a mere four points.

While the team could proudly count seven podium finishes, Mercedes’ 2023 season has been far from smooth sailing. Danica Patrick has observed that the challenges of a grueling and extended season appear to be wearing on Wolff. In her assessment, she remarked:

“They’ve got so much better throughout the year, but nothing to show for it.

“You can sense, Toto looked defeated, frustrated, tired maybe. Christian [Horner] was talking about the timing of this event.

“It’s been a long year, everybody is wearing down, so I’m sure it’s feeling extra heavy to them now, especially when they have bad days – especially when they get glimmers of hope.”

The Las Vegas Grand Prix marked the culmination of a season fraught with trials and tribulations. Tensions ran high as the event unfolded, culminating in a moment where Toto Wolff’s frustration boiled over during an exchange with a journalist. This incident underscored the mounting pressure on the Mercedes team.

During the inaugural Grand Prix weekend in Las Vegas, the Mercedes drivers, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, faced their own share of challenges. Hamilton’s race took a dramatic turn when his car suffered a puncture due to contact with Oscar Piastri’s McLaren. Forced to complete a full lap of the track before pitting, Hamilton lost precious positions before mounting a spirited comeback to salvage points.

George Russell’s fortunes, too, took a hit as he plummeted from fourth to eighth on the grid. This drop was the result of a five-second penalty imposed for his contact with Max Verstappen on lap 25. To his credit, Russell shouldered the responsibility for the incident, displaying sportsmanship amidst the intensity of competition.

In response to Piastri’s incident involving Hamilton, Karun Chandhok, the renowned Sky F1 pundit, shared his perspective, stating:

“I thought both he and Lewis were unfortunate.

“Both had amazing pace. When I watch back their races, Lewis lost 15 seconds on his in-lap with that puncture and was at the back of the queue.

“Oscar as well, was so fast towards the end on a hard tyre which was much older than other people’s; he was quicker than Ocon and Stroll.

“So I think without that incident and the time loss with the puncture, both he and Lewis wouldn’t have been far off Perez and Leclerc, and might have even been in that fight.”

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