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Aston Martin Driver Lance Stroll’s Take on Formula 1 Showmanship

Balancing Sporting Prowess and Spectacle in the World of F1

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of Formula 1, and he’s open to embracing the spectacle, much like the Las Vegas Grand Prix. However, he’s quick to point out that he can’t be expected to dance to the show’s tune every weekend.

Formula 1 made a triumphant return to the bustling city of Las Vegas after an absence of nearly four decades. The event, known for its dazzling lights and extravagant entertainment, drew both applause and criticism from various quarters of the motorsport world. Notably, championship winner Max Verstappen initially labeled the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix as “99% show and 1% sporting event.”

Verstappen’s skepticism, however, took a turn after he secured victory in the race. In a moment of jubilation, he crooned “Viva Las Vegas” while donning an Elvis Presley-themed race suit during his victory lap, a gesture that resonated with the city’s vibrant spirit. Even Lance Stroll, known for his pragmatic approach, admitted that the Las Vegas Grand Prix injected something unique into the Formula 1 experience.

While Lance Stroll is open to embracing the showmanship that events like the Las Vegas Grand Prix bring to Formula 1, he emphasizes that such extravaganzas should be occasional highlights rather than the norm. As a seasoned driver, Stroll understands the importance of balancing sporting competition with the entertainment aspect of the sport.

However, the Aston Martin driver unequivocally asserted that he won’t tolerate such antics in the future. He conveyed this stance to RacingNews365, saying:

“It is good for the sport to have a few races like this, where it really puts on a big show for Formula 1, and get everyone watching.

“It is great for the business, it attracts a lot of people and fans to the race.

“Do I want to be jumping and dancing to Tiesto every single weekend? Not really, but occasionally, it is fun for the show.”

In an era where Formula 1 is constantly evolving and seeking new ways to engage fans and viewers, Lance Stroll’s perspective offers a valuable insight into how drivers can navigate the fine line between sport and spectacle. As the sport continues to expand its horizons, the occasional ‘show’ can indeed add a touch of magic, but the core essence of Formula 1 remains the high-speed battles on the track.

Las Vegas, Lance Stroll secured his second consecutive top-five finish, surpassing teammate Fernando Alonso. This notable achievement marked the first time both drivers completed a race together since the Austrian Sprint, and only the second occurrence this season, with the previous one happening in Spain. When reflecting on his performance during Saturday’s race, Stroll had this to say:

“A lot of guys pitted under the Virtual Safety Car, or the Safety Car, so I don’t think that’s really when the race came to us.

“Lap 1 was really good as we gained like 10 positions with a lot of guys going wide at Turn 1, and from there, we had really good pace in the car.

“We were on the front foot attacking the whole race, which is different, and I think we’ve been a bit more of a Sunday car this year compared to Saturdays.

“It’s been a trend for over a year, with just a very good car on a Sunday, so I felt like that was the case again.”

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