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Daniel Ricciardo Advocates for Revision of Las Vegas Grand Prix Schedule Amid Health Concerns

In a recent statement, AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo highlighted the challenging conditions faced during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, calling the event ‘sketchy’ and advocating for a change in its schedule. His concerns are backed by the experiences of drivers and teams who faced delirium and hallucinations due to the unusual timing of the race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Schedule Concerns: The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s unique schedule, which extended past midnight, led to drivers and teams experiencing extreme fatigue, with Ricciardo and others reporting feelings of delirium and hallucination. The scheduling challenges were compounded by a delay in Free Practice 2, starting at 2 am due to Carlos Sainz’s accident.
  • Calls for Change: Both Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner have vocalized the need for a revised schedule. Ricciardo emphasized the importance of health and safety, suggesting earlier start times for the race weekend to ensure better performance and well-being of all involved.
  • Future Challenges: The 2024 season is expected to be even more demanding, as the Las Vegas race will be part of a triple-header. Ricciardo stressed the necessity of adjusting the Las Vegas schedule to prevent exhaustion among drivers and teams.

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix proved to be a significant challenge for Formula 1 drivers and teams, not just in terms of racing but also regarding their health and well-being. The event’s distinctive schedule, which saw the main race and practice sessions extend into the early hours of the morning, has sparked a call for change from within the paddock.

Daniel Ricciardo, the experienced AlphaTauri driver, did not hold back in expressing his concerns. His characterization of the event as ‘sketchy’ underscores the severity of the situation faced by those on the track. Ricciardo’s plea for a change in the schedule for next year’s event is rooted in the genuine concern for health and safety, a sentiment echoed by Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

Horner’s blunt assessment that the schedule left “everyone f***ed” speaks volumes about the physical and mental toll of the event. The unusual and demanding timing of the sessions, particularly the delayed Free Practice 2, significantly affected the drivers’ and teams’ performance and health.

Ricciardo’s specific suggestions for improvement, including earlier start times and better track grip, are practical and aim to enhance the overall experience of the Grand Prix. His comments about the potential impact of the race being part of a triple-header in 2024 further highlight the need for a more manageable and considerate schedule.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix has undoubtedly added a unique flavor to the F1 calendar. However, as Ricciardo and others have pointed out, the event’s format needs refinement to ensure that the spectacle does not come at the expense of participants’ health. The F1 community will be watching closely to see how the organizers respond to these concerns and whether changes will be implemented for the betterment of the sport.

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