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The Grand Tour: IMDB December 4th Release Date Confirmed To Be Wrong

IMBD has again posted the wrong release date for The Grand Tour Madagascar Special. We reached out to The Grand Tour team and they have confirmed that the release date is not as stated on IMDB, which will be removed straight away. This is the second time IMBD has posted the wrong release date for the special. 

It’s almost been a year since Amazon released Seamen, the boating special that spans Vietnam and Cambodia. This special was the first of many specials that are to come after The Grand Tour moved away from traditional show format. They have packed up the tent, retired the track and sadly will stop reviewing new cars. Specials, for many people, were their favorite part of the show so moving away from tradition should be a smooth process. 

The trio, since filming the Madagascar Special, has wrapped up another Special in Scotland. They were spotted driving a Cadillac, Lincoln and a Buick while towing caravans. With so much building anticipation from fans, it is really making us excited for the upcoming episode, but unfortunately, COVID has been a problem of epic proportion for the team.

COVID-19 certainly creates huge obstacles for a show that travels around the world and the virus has clearly affected more than just the filming aspect, with the team enduring massive delays in the edit as well as the actual release of the show. With the latest taunt from IMBD pushing fans closer and closer to the edge, we’ll have to make do with rewatching existing episodes for now.

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