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Daniel Ricciardo’s Cheeky Take on Verstappen’s Las Vegas GP Views: A Light-Hearted Rebuke

Daniel Ricciardo, in a playful jab, suggested that Max Verstappen and other drivers might secretly enjoy races like the Las Vegas Grand Prix, contrary to their public criticisms. This remark followed Verstappen’s win at the event, which he had previously downplayed as more spectacle than sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verstappen Critiques Las Vegas GP: Max Verstappen criticized the Las Vegas Grand Prix as being more show than sport, reflecting skepticism about its focus on entertainment.
  • Ricciardo’s Humorous Response: Responding to queries about the race, Daniel Ricciardo playfully hinted that some drivers, possibly including Verstappen, secretly enjoy the spectacle despite public criticism.
  • Verstappen’s Contradictory Celebration: After winning the Las Vegas GP, Verstappen celebrated by singing ‘Viva Las Vegas’, contradicting his earlier criticisms of the event.

In the world of Formula 1, a sport known as much for its high-speed thrills as for the drama off the track, Daniel Ricciardo’s recent comments add a lighter tone to the often intense world of racing. Following Max Verstappen’s win at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, an event he had critiqued for being more about showmanship than sporting merit, Ricciardo playfully suggested that there might be a hidden appreciation for such events among the drivers.

Ricciardo, known for his wit and humor in the paddock, took a dig at his former teammate and other drivers who have publicly expressed their skepticism about the Las Vegas race’s focus on entertainment over pure racing. His remarks hint at a possible underlying enjoyment of the spectacle that drivers are reluctant to admit.

“A few drivers have been a little bit ‘whatever’ about it. I think they’re just trying to rebel. Deep down they really like it, they just don’t want to admit it,” Ricciardo quipped.

This comment gains significance considering Verstappen’s previous statements about the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Verstappen had described the event as “99% show and 1% sporting event,” expressing a clear disinterest in the extravaganza surrounding the race.

“I don’t have a lot of emotions to be honest, I just want to focus on the performance side of things, I don’t like all the things that are around, I know they are part of it, but it is not in my interest,” Verstappen had said. His stance was clear, emphasizing his focus on performance over pageantry.

Yet, in an intriguing turn of events, following his victory, Verstappen appeared to embrace the very essence of the Las Vegas spectacle he previously dismissed, singing ‘Viva Las Vegas’ in his celebration. This contradictory behavior underlines the complex relationship drivers often have with the evolving nature of Formula 1, balancing between the sport’s traditional racing focus and the burgeoning entertainment aspects brought on by newer races like the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

In conclusion, Ricciardo’s comments, laced with his characteristic humor, shed light on the nuanced perspectives within the F1 paddock regarding the direction of the sport. While traditionalists like Verstappen emphasize performance, the allure of the spectacle, as suggested by Ricciardo, might hold a secret charm even for the most performance-focused drivers.

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