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Angry Driver Shouts At Car But Quickly Gets His Karma Comeback In Major Pileup

You’ve run into these types of people before, haven’t you? They love to shout, and they love to shout at anyone they think is in the wrong. It reminds me of those ‘bad drivers‘ YouTube videos where in fact, the driver who’s sent in the video is usually the one in the wrong, but they do love to shout at other people. This driver from Canada is one of those people.

This man from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, was arrested after causing a crash involving four other vehicles because he was more interested in cursing at another road user than looking at what was ahead of his own car. Shot from the passenger of the victim’s car, the video shows the guy driving a Chevrolet Cruze, leaning out the window flailing his arms about like a lunatic while shouting obscenities. In an instant, he hits a Chevrolet Bolt in front of him.

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This impact was pushed through the Bolt to two other cars in front of it, causing the victim car’s occupants to start laughing. I’d just interject here and say I think that is extremely disrespectful.

No one was hurt during the crash, with one woman taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. I don’t know how she was involved, but I’d expect she was in the Bolt that took the majority of the impact.

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