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Dutch Grand Prix Update: Daniel Ricciardo Sidelined Due to Wrist Injury, Liam Lawson Steps In

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo forced to sit out Dutch Grand Prix weekend following a crash-induced wrist injury, paving the way for reserve driver Liam Lawson.

In a recent conversation with F1 Insider, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko disclosed regrettable news regarding Daniel Ricciardo’s involvement in the ongoing Dutch Grand Prix weekend. Ricciardo, the skilled Australian driver, has been ruled out from further participation after sustaining a wrist injury during a crash in the FP2 session earlier today.

The incident occurred during the Dutch GP FP2 session when Oscar Piastri experienced a crash that led to his car colliding with the race barrier at Turn 3. The proximity of the crash left Daniel Ricciardo with limited options for maneuvering his McLaren, resulting in a similar collision for him. The unexpected turn of events prompted an immediate red flag, forcing an abrupt halt to the practice session within a mere ten minutes of its commencement.

The primary concern for the race officials was the prompt and safe removal of both the obstructing McLaren MCL60 and the AlphaTauri AT04. This emphasized their unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of the racers while also maintaining the seamless flow of the event. Following the collision, Daniel Ricciardo was swiftly guided to the medical center, a development confirmed by F1 expert Will Buxton. Adding to the concern was Ricciardo’s radio transmission, where he expressed distress related to his hands. This was further underscored by video footage capturing his unsuccessful attempt to free his right hand from the steering wheel just before impact.

Subsequent to the incident, Ricciardo was transported to the hospital for X-rays. Unfortunately, the results confirmed a broken wrist, rendering him unfit to partake in the remainder of the weekend’s races. Given that the Dutch Grand Prix serves as the first race in a double-header, it’s also improbable for the Australian driver to compete in the subsequent Italian Grand Prix next weekend.

In a parallel development, it has been officially announced that Liam Lawson, a junior driver and reserve driver under the Red Bull banner, will step into Ricciardo’s shoes for the remaining duration of the weekend’s races at the Zandvoort track. This decision marks a significant opportunity for Lawson to showcase his skills and make a meaningful contribution to the team’s performance.

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