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Empowering Women in Motorsport: More than Equal Appoints Sarah Moore and Jordan King to Drive Female Talent Forward

More than Equal has made a significant stride in women’s motorsport by appointing Sarah Moore and Jordan King as coaches for their female Driver Development Programme. Their vast experience in racing and coaching aims to foster female talent in this competitive arena.

Key Takeaways:

  • Notable Appointments: Sarah Moore and Jordan King have joined More than Equal’s female Driver Development Programme as coaches, bringing their substantial experience from the racing and coaching world to nurture young female racers.
  • Diverse Racing Backgrounds: The programme benefits from the varied expertise of Moore, a trailblazer with several motorsports achievements, and King, who has a rich background in Formula 1, IndyCar, and the World Endurance Championship.
  • Programme’s Vision and Potential Impact: Focused on high-performance preparation, this initiative aims to develop elite female racing drivers. It leverages the guidance of experienced coaches and the support of renowned organizations like Hintsa Performance, which has helped 18 Formula 1 World Champions.

The motorsports world is buzzing with the recent announcement from More than Equal, a key player in the realm of women’s racing. Their decision to appoint Sarah Moore and Jordan King as coaches for the female Driver Development Programme marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of gender equality in motorsport.

Sarah Moore, a groundbreaking figure in the industry, has a history of shattering barriers. From clinching the Ginetta Junior Championship to becoming the first female winner of the Britcar Endurance Championship, and competing in the W Series, Moore’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Notably, she also became the first openly LGBTQ+ driver to stand on a Formula 1 podium, embodying her pioneering spirit. Her extensive coaching experience is set to play a crucial role in her new position, as she aims to positively influence the next generation of female racers.

Moore expressed her enthusiasm and vision for her new role, stating: “I know from a personal level the difficulties and challenges that women and girls face throughout their racing careers. What excites me about More than Equal as a female within motorsports is being able to provide a coaching opportunity for girls that is so rare in the sport. I myself started in motorsport when I was four years old and never had access to coaching throughout my early career. The ultimate goal for me is to guide and support the next generation of girls coming into motorsport as this will make such a tangible difference for the future of the sport.”

Jordan King’s appointment complements Moore’s with his extensive experience in diverse racing series. Having worked with the Alpine Formula 1 team and the Mahindra Formula E team, King’s adaptability and expertise are invaluable assets to the programme. His insight into the racing world will undoubtedly aid in nurturing the burgeoning talent of female racers.

King outlined his perspective and goals for the programme, sharing: “We are an independent programme looking to develop female driving skills from an early age. Our goal is to pick the best young talent, have a big impact, and get them as far up towards Formula 1 whilst celebrating the small steps of success and progression along the way. I’ve done a lot of racing myself and I’m looking to bring the development journey that I went on into the programme, hopefully making as big an impact as possible for female drivers”.

The More than Equal Driver Development Programme stands out as a beacon of hope and progression in the motorsports arena. With the combined efforts of Sarah Moore, Jordan King, and the support of established entities like Hintsa Performance, the programme is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of women’s racing. This initiative not only promises high-quality training and mentorship for aspiring female drivers but also represents a significant step towards achieving greater gender parity in the world of motorsport.

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