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F1 Academy Final in Austin to Broadcast Live, Elevating Women in Motorsport

In a significant move for women’s motorsport, the F1 Academy’s final round in Austin will be broadcast live, showcasing the culmination of its inaugural season. This development marks a pivotal moment in providing visibility and support for women in the traditionally male-dominated field of single-seater racing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The F1 Academy is set to broadcast the final round of its first season live across various platforms, including F1’s YouTube, X, and Facebook channels, F1 TV, and several network broadcasters. This extensive coverage ensures fans can experience the action as it happens.
  • Backed robustly by Formula 1, the F1 Academy aims to forge a path for women in single-seater racing. The academy, featuring six rounds, has highlighted talented competitors like Marta Garcia and Lena Buhler, emphasizing women’s progress in motorsport.
  • The F1 Academy’s vision extends beyond the track, aspiring to inspire young girls and women globally. By increasing visibility and creating inclusive platforms, it illustrates the vast opportunities available in motorsport, both as racers and in other roles.

“I’ve always said, ‘you have to see it to believe it’ and there is nothing more powerful than racing globally alongside F1,” said Susie Wolff, Managing Director of F1 Academy. Her words resonate with the Academy’s mission to enhance the visibility of women in motorsport.

Expressing appreciation for the broadcast partners, Wolff added, “We hope to inspire young girls and women at home and show them the possibilities in our sport, both on and off-track”.

As the F1 Academy looks to its next season, the ties with Formula One will become even stronger. Each team in the Academy will back a driver, ensuring a more integrated approach to fostering talent. Additionally, every stage of the all-female series will be broadcast, addressing one of the main concerns from fans during the first season: visibility. This lack of coverage had previously been a barrier to the recognition and progression of the drivers. The upcoming seasons promise to offer these drivers the platform they deserve, enabling them to ascend through the ranks of motorsport.

This strategic move by the F1 Academy is not just about broadcasting a race; it’s about broadcasting a message. It’s a message that resonates with empowerment, opportunity, and change in a sport that has long been dominated by men. It’s a step forward in redefining what it means to be a racer and who gets to be in the driver’s seat. As the engines rev up in Austin, it’s not just about the cars on the track; it’s about the trail being blazed for future generations of women in motorsport.

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