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F1 Academy Marks a Promising Future: Susie Wolff Highlights Growth and Integration for 2024

In its first year, the F1 Academy, under the guidance of Susie Wolff, concluded its inaugural season in Austin with a blend of success and a vision for substantial growth. As Wolff reflects on the past and looks to the future, she reveals that “there’s a lot more to come” for the series in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inaugural Season Success: The F1 Academy, with Marta García emerging victorious, completed its first season triumphantly. The 21-race season saw García securing seven wins, illustrating the smooth and successful start of this new motorsport venture.
  • Enhanced Collaboration in 2024: The 2024 season is set to foster closer ties with Formula 1. Esteemed teams like McLaren, Aston Martin, and Williams are stepping up, contributing drivers and liveries, indicating a significant leap in support and integration with the premier motorsport series.
  • Wolff’s Vision for Future Growth: Susie Wolff underlined the F1 Academy’s role as a pivotal platform for showcasing and developing female talent in motorsport. Her focus is not just on exposure but also on nurturing these drivers to progress in their racing careers, inspiring the next generation of women in the sport.

In a detailed reflection shared with, Wolff commented, “I think we established a lot in one year. But like I said in Austin, it’s just the beginning. We’ve got next year to look forward to racing with F1, the involvement of the F1 teams. So I think we’re off to a good start, but there’s a lot more to come.” Her words encapsulate the ambition and the groundwork laid during the inaugural season.

Wolff’s commitment to the F1 Academy goes beyond showcasing talent; she is focused on the progression and development of these drivers. “It was vitally important and was really encouraging to see so much support from the paddock,” she stated, acknowledging the unprecedented support from the F1 teams in allowing their liveries to be used in another series.

This integration with Formula 1 is not just a symbolic gesture but a substantial stride towards a more inclusive and supportive environment for female talent in motorsport. Wolff’s aspiration is clear: “I want to see our drivers progressing. That’s vital for me, this is not just a platform to get lots of female talent out there. It’s a platform to also aid progression.”

As the F1 Academy gears up for its second season, it stands on a firm foundation of success and support. The pioneering year has set the stage for a future that not only celebrates female talent in motorsport but also paves the way for their growth and advancement. With new challenges and opportunities on the horizon, the F1 Academy is poised to continue its impactful journey, further enriching the landscape of motorsport.

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