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F1: Lewis Hamilton Makes 8-Year Old Ukrainian Refugee’s Year With Care Package

It’s no secret that Lewis Hamilton hasn’t come from a wealthy background, and this is one reason why he feels very strongly about helping those in need. He may a 7 time world champion in F1, but off the track he’s had just as much success with charitable causes.

Hamilton continues to use his platform to spread positivity and increase visibility for a number of causes, and his latest help took the Mercedes racing driver to Poland along with a package to visit an 8-year old Ukrainian refugee .

Roman, who would love to be an F1 driver one day soon, was forced to leave his home in Ukraine – and father – as Russia invaded the country. With “Still I Rise” tattooed onto his skin, he still stays strong and supports his favourite driver.

Because of this, Hamilton sent out a signed cap, as well as F1 monopoly, a model of his helmet, and a note which called the boy an “amazing supporter”. This made Roman’s year.

Roman talked about his new home to The Mirror:

“It is nice here. My favorite thing is the town swimming pool because of the slides.”

F1 didn’t take long to react to the war in Ukraine, with it quickly cancelling the Russian Grand Prix for the foreseeable future. On top of this, all of the sport’s drivers united against Russia, and were later seen photographed in T-shirts that symbolised “no war”.

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

Hamilton himself posted to social media at the time:

“When we see injustice it is important we stand against it.

“My heart goes out to all the courageous people of Ukraine who are facing such terrible attacks for simply choosing a better future and I stand with the many Russian citizens who oppose this violence and seek peace, often at risk to their own freedom.

“Please stay safe everyone. We are praying for you.”

He also supported closely the Disasters Emergency Committee, a group of the 15 largest charities in the UK, who were supporting partners in Ukraine and the countries bordering it.

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