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F1 News: Alex Albon Has “Exceeded Expectations” As Williams Team Compliment Driver

F1 Driver, Alex Albon, drove for Red Bull for the 2020 season but unfortunately did not keep his place for the next season. Many thought he would be picked up by their sister team Alpha Tauri, much like Pierre Gasly, however, Albon spent the last year racing an AF Corse Ferrari in the DTM. 

For the F1 2022 season, we are seeing the return of Albon and he will be joining the Williams team. Albon seems to have made a great start with the team in the two pre-season tests in Barcelona, explaining that the team “has a good foundation” for the upcoming season. 

Team principal, Jost Capito, has said that he is very impressed with the 25-year-old:

“I’m very impressed, he is very good on the information he gives on evaluating the car,” Capito said.

“He is quite calm. He has a very good feeling for the car. He worked well with the engineers and with the overall team.

“I think is the right balance between nice guy and when he is in the car, he understands it. He’s pushing and he is a fighter.

“I expected him to be really good within the team, but he exceeded my expectations.”

When quizzed about how things were going with the new team, Albon said he thinks Williams has the “recipe for a great future”.

Albon expanded on this:

“There’s a great buzz in the team. I like this team a lot. Obviously, we’ve had a short relationship, but the guys are great and very motivated to do well, which is important,” Albon said.

“They’ve come off a great year last year and the hope is to keep that momentum going.

“There’s new investment from Dorilton and they’re also very motivated, they’re very positive people and there’s a great combination there.

 “I feel like we have the recipe for a great year and future really at Williams. I’m excited to see what it has to offer.”

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