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McLaren Honors Late Team Member Martin Kemp in a Touching Tribute at US Grand Prix

In a heartwarming gesture, McLaren paid homage to Martin Kemp, a long-standing team member who recently passed away, by adorning their MCL60 F1 cars with his name during the United States Grand Prix in Austin. This emotional tribute coincided with an unconventional starting grid for the race, highlighting the team’s deep-rooted respect for its members.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emotional Tribute to Martin Kemp: McLaren demonstrated its deep respect and affection for its late team member, Martin Kemp, by placing his name on their MCL60 F1 cars during the United States Grand Prix. Kemp had been a vital part of McLaren for 22 years, primarily working in the Composite Machining team.
  • McLaren’s Tradition of Honoring Team Members: This gesture by McLaren is not an isolated incident. The team has a history of acknowledging its team members’ contributions, as seen in September 2020 when they paid tribute to Ray ‘Tex’ Rowe during his retirement after 55 years of service.
  • Significant Race Weekend for McLaren: The tribute to Martin Kemp came at a pivotal time as McLaren’s performance has been on the rise. Lando Norris narrowly missed the Sprint Race podium but secured a front-row start in P2 for the Grand Prix, promising potential success for the team.

In a touching display of remembrance and respect, McLaren F1 Team honored their late team member, Martin Kemp, during the United States Grand Prix weekend in Austin. Kemp, a cherished member of the McLaren family, was remembered by placing his name on the MCL60 F1 cars, a gesture that underlined the team’s ethos of valuing and acknowledging its members.

The team’s official social media account shared an image of Kemp’s decal on the car, commemorating his nearly 22 years of dedication, particularly in the Composite Machining team. The post read: “This weekend we will pay tribute to our dear teammate and friend, Martin Kemp, who sadly passed away last month. Martin had been at McLaren for nearly 22 years and was a key member of our Composite Machining team. To pay our respects, both MCL60 race cars will carry his name at this weekend’s #USGP. Rest in peace, Martin.”

McLaren’s tradition of honoring its team members goes beyond Kemp’s tribute. In September 2020, the team celebrated Ray ‘Tex’ Rowe’s retirement after an impressive 55 years with the company, marking him as the longest-serving team member in McLaren’s history.

The United States Grand Prix weekend also brought focus to McLaren’s improving performance on the track. Lando Norris, driving one of the MCL60 cars bearing Kemp’s name, narrowly missed the podium in the Sprint Race but secured an advantageous P2 start position for the Grand Prix. This event not only highlighted the team’s competitive spirit but also their commitment to honoring their own, making the weekend particularly poignant for McLaren and its fans.

McLaren’s gesture at the US Grand Prix serves as a testament to the deep connections formed within the world of Formula 1, transcending beyond just the races and championships, into the realm of personal tributes and collective remembrance.

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