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F1 News: Apple CEO Torn Apart After Flag Waving – “Lamest Checkered Flag Wave I’ve Seen in my Life”

Fans saw a dramatic race at the Austin Grand Prix yesterday, however, amongst the goings on of the exciting race, fans have picked up on Apple CEO, Tim Cook, waving the chequered flag at the end and are going crazy over it on social media.

Carlos Sainz, who started on pole position, had to retire very early on in the race after contact with George Russell at the first corner gave him a puncture and radiator leak. Later on we saw a collision between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll which sent Alonso’s Alpine up into the air, amazingly Alonso was able to continue but the damage to Stroll’s Aston Martin meant he could no longer continue with the race.

As well as this, Valtteri Bottas span out and beached the Alfa Romeo so had to retire, Sebastian Vettel enjoyed some time at the front of the pack, and there was a last minute battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen which ended up in Verstappen overtaking Hamilton Red to win the Constructors’ Championship for Red Bull.

Even though, it was a jam packed race, many fans were quick to pick up on Tim Cook waving the chequered flag. @f1trolls wrote on Twitter:

“That was the lamest checkered flag waive I’ve seen in my life” [sic]

With disappointment being the overall reaction to the moment, one Twitter user shared a video of what fans want to see.

Another Twitter user, @E_Erejo, wrote:

“Mans just let the wind do the job.” [sic]

Whilst someone else shared, jokingly:

“You can’t relegate the CEO of the most valuable company in the world to manual labour and expect him to be happy about it. “

Some fans have been calling out for there to be the opportunity for fans to be able to take on this role. One user in particular said: “They should stop giving that flag to celebrities. Give it to a random kid instead, that would be a great memory for them.”

And another wrote in a similar vain: “They should hold a raffle for the fans for the right to waive the checkered flags with the proceeds to go to a local charity. Then you would have someone with enthusiasm waive it and help a good cause.” [sic]

@F1trolls were not the only ones to pick up on the moment. @WTF1 noticed Cook looking “bored” whilst waving the flag.

Here is a few of the funniest reactions we have seen so far:

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