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F1 News: Carlos Sainz Overcomes Brake Challenges at Bahrain GP

Carlos Sainz, driving for Ferrari, mirrored teammate Charles Leclerc’s brake issues at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing a strong second behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. Despite the challenges, Sainz managed to handle the situation effectively, maintaining his position as a formidable competitor in the race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carlos Sainz, like his teammate Charles Leclerc, carefully managed his brakes during the Bahrain Grand Prix, emerging as Red Bull’s nearest rival and securing a podium finish in third place, right behind Sergio Perez.
  • As Sainz enters his final season with Ferrari, he faces the demanding 24-race calendar before his contract ends in 2024, with Lewis Hamilton poised to take his place in the team.
  • Despite encountering brake issues, Sainz skillfully navigated through the race, overtaking competitors, including his own teammate Leclerc and Mercedes’ George Russell, while dealing with brake vibrations and pedal concerns.

As the 2024 Formula 1 season commences, Carlos Sainz faces a pivotal year with Ferrari. With his contract set to conclude at the end of this season, and the prospect of Lewis Hamilton filling his seat at Ferrari in 2025, Sainz is under considerable pressure to perform. The Bahrain Grand Prix served as an early test of his mettle, and he rose to the challenge admirably.

Sainz’s performance in Bahrain was noteworthy, especially given the difficulties he faced with his SF-24’s brakes – a problem that also plagued his teammate, Charles Leclerc. Unlike Leclerc, who struggled with brake lock-ups, Sainz managed the issue with a strategic approach. This included adjusting his driving to cool the overheated brakes, which helped reduce the vibrations and allowed him to push forward in the race.

During the post-race FIA press conference, Sainz shed light on his experience, saying, “Yes, the first stint and the beginning of the second stint, whenever we were in traffic, we were having a lot of brake vibrations and the pedal at one point started to go long.” He described the balancing act he faced between overtaking to escape turbulent air and conserving his brakes to prevent failure. Sainz added, “I started saving by moving a bit on the straight to cool the side that it was getting hotter, and the vibration started to get better. And then I could start to make moves and move forward.”

His adept handling of the brake issues not only showcased his skill as a driver but also highlighted the challenges faced by teams in managing the technical aspects of their cars. Sainz’s ability to adapt to these challenges and still secure a podium finish is a testament to his racing acumen and sets a strong precedent for his final season with Ferrari.

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