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F1 News: Carlos Sainz’s Disappointment with Las Vegas GP Incident and Its Impact on His Season

Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari driver, expressed his ongoing frustration and anger over the drain hole cover incident during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which significantly affected his performance and Ferrari’s standing. His candid statements reveal a deep dissatisfaction with how Formula 1 handled the situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lasting Impact of the Las Vegas GP Incident: Carlos Sainz still feels the repercussions of the drain hole cover mishap at the Las Vegas GP, which led to a ten-spot grid penalty and considerable damage to his car. This incident notably influenced his performances in the subsequent races.
  • Effect on Championship Standings: Sainz believes that the incident not only impacted his individual performance but also had a significant effect on Ferrari’s position in the Constructors’ Championship. His results in the last two races of the 2023 season were notably below expectations.
  • Disappointment with Formula 1’s Response: Despite acknowledging that the incident wasn’t his fault, Sainz expressed disappointment with the sport’s governance. He highlighted a lack of hope for justice or resolution, despite the clear impact of the incident on his and Ferrari’s championship campaigns.

Carlos Sainz’s frustration with Formula 1 following the Las Vegas Grand Prix incident lingers. The Ferrari driver faced a ten-spot grid penalty due to a loose drain hole cover that severely damaged his car. The stewards acknowledged the incident wasn’t his fault, yet they were powerless to waive the penalty.

This setback led to a sixth-place finish in the Las Vegas race and a further slump in Abu Dhabi, where Sainz ended up in the eighteenth position after an early exit in the qualifying round. Reflecting on the impact of these events, Sainz lamented the lost opportunity for scoring significant points and possibly securing a win – his first since the Singapore Grand Prix.

Speaking to, Sainz conveyed his deep disappointment: “It was such a disastrous weekend for me and the team, and we lost such a good opportunity there to score big points and fight for a win that I haven’t fought [for] since Singapore. It was an incredibly frustrating feeling. I’ve never been as frustrated as a racing driver, or never been more upset towards the sport than I was in Vegas.”

At an event for his sponsor, Estrella Galicia 0.0, Sainz further emphasized his disillusionment with the sport’s governance, stating his belief that protesting against the verdict would be futile. He mused on how the season might have ended differently if not for the incident in Las Vegas. Despite the unfortunate end to the season, Sainz expressed his desire not to let this incident overshadow what was otherwise a strong season for him. His comments highlight not just his personal grievances but also point to broader concerns about fairness and governance within Formula 1.

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