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F1 News: Fans Defend Lewis Hamilton After Racing Driver Called Out On Twitter

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been called out on Twitter after tweeting about sitting next to actor Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week. The 7-time-world champion tweeted about his appreciation for being involved in the event and thanked the organisers for sitting him next to the Euphoria star, but he has now been called out for calling the actor ‘Z’, as it is the symbol being used by the Russian army.

He posted the following:

“Thanks for having me @MaisonValentino and sitting me next to Z, asked her if I could be on season 3, those Euphoria kids need a teacher fr.” (sic)

But some fans weren’t happy with this and quickly asked the Mercedes driver to change his usage of “Z”.

“I’m from Ukraine,” one fans responded. “And my very 1st thought while reading your tweet was Z is for russian army symbol. I’m not sure it’s a good time to call @Zendaya this way.”

This reply quickly garnered a number of likes and responses, with many asking the poster to “relax”, as another commented: “I call my girlfriend Z, always have, neither me or Lewis are promoting the Russian army in doing so.”

Another added:

“Understand your sensitivity for the letter Z but you can’t expect everyone to refrain from using it. Especially when they don’t have the same reference.

“If anything now you have a much better reference for the letter. Thanks to Zendaya. Peace, Love & Freedom to all.”

A third also chimed in:

“Sorry mate but I doubt Lewis knew this, I’m a brit too, and know quite a lot about military but I didn’t know z was a symbol for the russian army. zendaya commonly goes by Z, that’s all.” (sic)

Hamilton and his new teammate George Russel will be testing once again in Bahrain later this week behind the wheel of a Silver Arrow. And we’re expecting a lot of changes coming to not only the Mercedes cars, but the majority of the grid as they fight against the likes of porpoising and other issues they’re having following one of the largest regulation changes in F1 history.

More news to come.

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