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F1 News: Ferrari Praised For “Playing Around” With Innovative Design

Ferrari’s bold foray into innovative design with the SF-24 has garnered praise and attention in the paddock, especially concerning their unique modifications to the engine cover and Halo area. The Italian team’s exploration of uncharted territory in car design has sparked discussions and admiration among experts and fans alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari has introduced an innovative design feature on the SF-24, particularly around the engine cover and TV camera mounts, setting them apart from other teams.
  • The technical enhancements aim to explore aerodynamic advantages, focusing on a unique fin and modifications near the Halo.
  • Ferrari’s approach follows a distinct path from Red Bull’s previous design, indicating a strategic shift in aerodynamic experimentation.

Ferrari’s exploration into uncharted design territory has set the paddock abuzz during the pre-season tests in Bahrain as the Italian team’s SF-24 has unveiled modifications that challenge conventional design norms. According to F1TV’s tech expert Sam Collins, Ferrari’s modifications around the TV camera housing and the fin on the engine cover are distinctively unique, suggesting a deliberate effort to exploit new aerodynamic possibilities.

“Ferrari have been experimenting with this design,” Collins observed, pointing out the fin on the engine cover and the innovative mounts around the TV camera housing. “They are slightly kinked as they come out of the bodywork. Ferrari is the only team to do that.”

“I just think that’s a little area of exploration to be exploited. That’s something Ferrari has been doing quite a lot in this part of the car.”

“The aero rakes they were running were sculpted around the bodywork for a reason – because they have got some really interesting new bodywork on the edge of the Halo.”

“You can just see it sticking out on the side of the rear part of the Halo. This is a really interesting area of development for all teams. Something nobody has done before.”

“A little section just at the back of the Halo that comes down, a little kink at the bottom. That blends into the rest of the bodywork.”

“Really nice piece of design. Aerodynamic rather than structural purposes because the Halo itself is a pretty solid piece of titanium. But the detail that has created in its wake is what it’s all about.”

Feedback from Ferrari’s drivers has been cautiously optimistic. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have both acknowledged improvements in the SF-24’s drivability compared to last year’s model. Sainz highlighted strong team efforts, while Leclerc noted more consistent handling, a stark contrast to the previous year’s challenges.

Despite these positive early signs, both drivers have reserved judgment on the car’s competitive edge, with Leclerc particularly noting Red Bull’s continued dominance as the benchmark.

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