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F1 News: Ferrari Reveals Major Upgrades For Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari has revealed its first major upgrade as testing for the Spanish Grand Prix began today. This is the first large upgrade the F1-75 has seen so far this F1 season, with the floor of the car seeing small changes throughout pre-season testing.

Ferrari has admitted that it hasn’t changed its car because of the budget cap. In fact, it looks as though all of our teams are being careful with money this year.

This hasn’t meant Ferrari has been at a loss, however, as the team currently leads the Constructor Championship and Charles Leclerc leads the Driver Standings. Red Bull has, however, changed their cars quite a lot since the season started and over the last couple of races, the Bull’s pace has been faster allowing Max Verstappen to take a couple of wins. But now Ferrari is responding to the challenge.

Its floor and diffuser have been overhauled, as has its brake ducts and winglets. the main aim is to reduce the porpoising which the majority of teams have had to battle so far this season, allowing the Ferraris to run much lower to the ground so they can extract more downforce. For the Barcelona track, Ferrari has also declared a high-downforce rear wing, and it’s safe to say Charles Leclerc is feeling optimistic about these changes.

“I’m sure that will bring upgrades that will bring us back to the top,” he told the press.

“I hope so. But we are working well and we’ve been working very well in the past few years to come back on top.

“So, I hope that those upgrades will help us to challenge them again,” he says referencing Red Bull.

Ferrari led FP1 of the Spanish Grand Prix today, but it’s far too early to tell if this will be reflected in the race or not.

Alex Harrington

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