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F1 News: Latifi “very positive” After Incredible British Grand Prix Qualifying

Few would have named Latifi as a threat in qualifying, but the Canadian produced one of the most memorable moments of his career in the treacherous conditions.

Despite not receiving the massive upgrade package given to his teammate Alex Albon, the 27-year-old proved more than a match for the Silverstone rain.

It will be a tremendous challenge for Latifi to convert his qualifying performance into a strong points finish, but his Saturday efforts will receive praise (justifiably) regardless of this inevitability.

“Yes, obviously a very positive qualifying session. I mean, I think just getting to Q2 was already great, and Q3 definitely more than we could’ve hoped for. When it does rain, you obviously hope that there is[an] opportunity”, said the Canadian.

“Overall, satisfied with that for sure, and I think what was really key, as well, was being in the right place at the right time, and the team did a great job with that, with the track positioning. And yes, we got the lap when we needed to.

That was obviously really positive, and naturally, there’s a little bit of frustration with the off I had in Q3, but at that point, I’m so far out of position, and I think to be any further than that was always going to be tricky. And I must have had some damage after that, so the car was really squirrely.

My car’s not the 10th-fastest car, clearly, on the grid, but with the rain, we managed to do a great job as a team and put ourselves there.

Tomorrow, for the race, it’s most likely going to be dry. We’re going to have a lot of faster cars coming from behind. We have to see what we can do; at the end, we have to focus on our race and whatever the result is going to be, it’s going to be.”

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