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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Exit Will Cause Disruptions At Mercedes- “Won’t Work As Hard”

Lewis Hamilton’s impending departure from Mercedes has stirred concerns within the team, with fears of a potential decline in dedication among team members, as highlighted by 1997 F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve. Villeneuve predicts a significant shift in dynamics as Hamilton moves to Ferrari, impacting not only Mercedes but also the broader F1 landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Concerns arise within Mercedes over potential demotivation following Hamilton’s departure.
  • Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is seen as a pivotal moment that could reshape F1 team dynamics.
  • The broader implications of this shift are expected to influence various aspects of the F1 landscape.

The Formula 1 community has been stirred by the news of Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming exit from Mercedes, a move that marks the end of an era for both the driver and the team. Jacques Villeneuve has highlighted the potential repercussions of this departure, particularly on the morale and motivation of the Mercedes team. He explained:

“The Lewis leaving bombshell will not help Mercedes. A lot of people inside will be upset and sometimes people just won’t work as hard.

“Ferrari will be exciting to see. I am also curious to see what happens with Jock Clear at Ferrari. He was Lewis’s engineer at Mercedes and that worked quite well. Will he stay as Leclerc’s engineer, or will he go back to Lewis? That would be amazing for both.

“I can see good energy at Ferrari. Chaotic yes, but a lot of people will want to really push.”

Hamilton’s move to Ferrari leaves Spanish driver Carlos Sainz without a confirmed seat for 2025. Villeneuve went on to comment:

“It would be interesting to see what happens with Sainz. He won’t give the Ferrari team any favours now. He wasn’t treated very well. What’s been happening at Red Bull will create a lot of issues early in the season.

“Williams are also on a roll. It will be interesting to see where they end up.

“McLaren go up and down. It’s the second year with Piastri, will he settle for second as he did last year when he was keeping quiet and paying his dues? With Mark Webber behind him I am sure that won’t be the case.

“Piastri was too quiet last year. You could see the anger was missing. Some drivers are just happy to make it to F1 and that is enough. We haven’t seen yet whether Oscar is willing to take the next step like Norris has done. If he does, then the future is very promising.”

Hamilton’s transition to Ferrari not only signifies a major career move for the seven-time world champion but also indicates a strategic shift within the sport. With Ferrari having expressed interest in Hamilton since 2019, his move could potentially disrupt the current balance of power, particularly given Red Bull’s recent dominance.

As we look ahead to the 2025 season, the anticipation surrounding Hamilton’s integration into Ferrari and the consequent ripple effects throughout Formula 1 is high.

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